Saturday, October 12, 2013

Can books from one series be tied to another?

     I couldn't resist the title! You know I love tying things up! Reader's have written about how much they'd like to see more of Colt and Alexis from Master's Email which got me creating several scenarios. What if...Colt and Alexis were invited to one of the bondage parties that Nick and Sondra attend from The Boss's Pet series? Well let me tell you! OMG! My mind went crazy with all kinds of ideas on how I could integrate those characters into the party scene!
     If you've not yet read about these two, you might want to grab your copy for .99 so you can get to know them. Another surprise will be meeting Master Buck because is will also be in book five of The Boss's Pet. As a matter of fact, he made it to the cover!  Imagine your Harley KNOW he's into his Dom role. He's calm, controlled, and knows what his subs need! (Next time you see a male or female in'll wonder if that's how THEY play!)

     In book five, Sondra learns even more about the benefits of the Dom/sub lifestyle along with making her mind help her body past pleasure blocks...sub-space is a new realm all it's own! She also steps into a new role that she finds quite powerful. When Doms decide to see how she handles her new role as a part-time Domme (also Their Submissive Switch!), they find she is able to take them to levels of sexual pleasure they've not reached before! Letting go of control frees the mind and body to enjoy deeper pleasures that open new avenues of wonder. Those who are in control daily of home and work need to leave that behind once in a while, which is why you see movies about CEOs tied to bed frames! They need to give the control over to someone else just to be able to completely enjoy the sexual experience. Fact is stranger than fiction!
     The Dom/sub lifestyle is not for everyone, nor is it kinky sex. One must understand and learn where the participants come from on a mental level in order to enjoy the wonderful world of sexual pleasure that comes with this lifestyle of being forced to enjoy pleasure.
     Do NOT knock it as kinky because it's out of the genre YOU are comfortable with...the lifestyle is not something one learns overnight. Do more reading on the subject matter. Make sure the books you download are in your genre so you're not shocked and then leave a bad review online for the book just because you didn't like the genre!
     Thank you for stopping in and I hope you're heading over to click the downloads of my books at your favorite site!


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