McCartney - Lovers Undercover Excerpt

The waitress interrupted the moment with their meal. Neither spoke for several moments lost in the pure enjoyment of their dinner. Logan poured another glass of wine for them.
  “I think you will enjoy the ranch Logan. I always like going there as a way to recharge. It’s isolated and pristine; the sort of peace you can’t find in the city.” She eyed him watching her as she was acutely aware of the strong sexual undercurrent which has developed over the evening.
  “What?” He asked as he too was intently aware of the unsaid that is transpiring between them.
  “Nothing, I was simply thinking on how easy it is to be around you Logan. I am quite comfortable with you.”
  “Thank you ma’am, I’ll take that as a compliment.” He teased, winking at her. “And might I add that I feel the same about you; you’re very comfortable to be around Scarlett.”
  The conversation continued until they had finished their meal and they left the restaurant.  
  Once back inside the apartment Logan poured them both a brandy and they sat next to each other on the overstuffed sofa.
  “Scarlett, I think perhaps I need to tell you something,” he begins eyeing her waiting to discuss with her what he’s been wanting to tell her.
  “What Logan?” She felt she knew maybe not the words but the context of what he was about to say.
  He leaned closer, taking her hand once again. “I know at this phase of our lives we are both beyond the game playing we did when we were in our twenties. I’m attracted to you Scarlett, a lot. I want very much to make love to you.” There he said it. Now how would she react? He kept his focus on her face and squeezed her hand.
Scarlett stared into his face, a modest smile crossing her face. She squeezed his hand back. “I would like that too Logan, very much so.”
Placing his brandy snifter on the table beside her, Logan leaned over and softly kissed her lips before possessing them with his. His tongue probed her lips, licking them before he parted them, searching and exploring. When their tongues met it was like sparks ignited and a fire ensued. Their endless tangle of tongues had them both breathless. Finally when they broke apart he took the snifter still in her hand and placed the glass on the table next to his. Standing he assisted her to her feet and without another word led her down the hall to her bedroom.
Quickly he removed her blouse and slacks until she stood before him in only her bra and panties. Pulling her tightly against him the pair kissed. He kissed her everywhere caressing her skin softly with his lips. Easing his hand over her back he quickly undid her bra and threw it on the floor. Placing his hands over her ass he pulled her as close as he could his fingers grasping the edge of her panties and pulling them down. He bent down, as he did kissing her as he went until they reach her mound. Stopping he lightly ran his tongue over her clit before he had her stepping out of her panties. As he rose to his feet she grasp on to his muscular shoulders. Once standing, he quickly removed his clothes revealing a dark patch of public hair before his cock sprung free from its constraints.
He eased her down on the bed he began kissing her his hand roaming and exploring her body. Taking a breast in one hand he caressed it as she clung to him. Her breath hitched as he bent over and sucked the nipple. The sensation made Scarlett jump as he eased his hand down to her wetness.
“God baby you’re so wet,” he moaned as she unconsciously spread her legs wider. He circled her clit with his fingers until he finally eased two fingers into her and moved them in and then out. Hearing her moan he urged her on making her juices flow as he continued. The next thing she knew he was between her thighs and he eased his cock to her entrance. He pushed into her slowly one inch at a time never easing, just a relentless entry.
Scarlett wriggled under him lifting her hips, taking him as deep as he would go until there was no room. He grabbed her ass and pulled her even tighter inside.
“Logan,” she moaned. He was big inside her and stretched her insides with his cock. God it had been too long since she had felt pleasure as good as this.
“What baby, I’m right here.” He eased her legs over his shoulders and pushed deep into her until his balls rested against her body. He pulled back until he was at the point of withdrawal making her gasp. He plunged back in, her swollen clit being stimulated by every thrust.
Under him she writhed and moaned, “Oh God, Logan harder.”
He didn’t change his rhythm. “Not yet, baby, soon.”
Her taut nipples scraped against his chest hair, his dark brown eyes gazing at her as he moved inside her again and deeper with every thrust silently telling her to take all of him.
With sensations she hadn’t felt in years she took every thrust and took him with all her being, everything within her responded to him.
“Logan...” she mewed thrashing under him, her body beginning to near the point of explosion.
“God, baby I could stay inside of you all night and still want more.” She responded by lifting her head and kissing his lips, the two of them opening themselves to the other.
Pleasure spiraled through her to her core making her squeal, and cry out for him.
“Scarlett!” he screamed out as he slammed harder and deeper into her.
“Yes, God yes…” She met his piston-fast thrusts as his cock seemed to harden more from her words.
He stared down into her eyes with his eyes which were now a deep shade of blackish brown as he slid his hand between them and began to rub her clit with his finger. “Cum with me, baby.”
Her orgasm at that moment could not be stopped as molten sensations ripped through her body. Not just from her pussy but from every fiber within her as she felt him grab her ass and pull her hard against him as he called out her name, his own orgasm, hot and liquid within her.
She threw her arms around him tightly holding him close. As their panting subsided to a normal rhythm her grip eased and he lifted up to look down at her. “That was incredible my love. I don’t think I’ve ever felt that connected to a woman before.” He kissed her passionately before rolling off her, his arm bringing her close against him.
“Hmmm, I know. You felt so fantastic.” She wrapped her leg around his thigh.
“Do you think you’re up to being in a relationship with a rogue like me?” He asked kissing the top of her forehead. “I mean seeing where this might lead us?”
“You bring out feelings inside me I forgot I even processed. Yes, let’s see what happens and where it takes us.” She knew he was a man she could totally put her trust in, unlike Richard.