Monday, January 9, 2012

Release Party for Book 4 with Tonya Kinzer

Thank you for coming!

     *Holding the door open for you* Thank you for taking the time visit and party with us. Sondra and Nick have joined us for the week and are both tending bar so be sure to stop and chat with them. They're serving up champagne, Bailey's, margaritas, dark beer and about anything your little heart the way of drinks! Anything else has to be taken up with The Boss! *wink*  Although, with a bit of proper begging, I'm sure Nick would be happy to accommodate any request! Be sure to say hi to the other guests as you make your way through the crowd.

      I'm so excited that you've stopped in to check out information on book four. Thank you. I want you to help me celebrate the release of Their Submissive Switch, book four in The Boss's Pet series! The book IS NOW available at Smashwords and will be on Amazon by Saturday, and later on B & N and MORE. I promise you won't be disappointed in this much awaited release that just might be rated a six plus on the heat scale!

Reviewers:  Please email me at tonyakinzer at and I would be happy to send you your requested format. Thank you so much!!

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For your reading pleasure, here is an excerpt of book four:

(WARNING:  Not for the faint of heart - this is NOT your mother's romance novel *wink*)

Forcing herself to remove her bra and panties, she knew she needed to change into her leather corset, fishnets, gloves and black heels. The feel of the warm leather against her skin made her feel so sexy, knowing Nick loved seeing her breasts protruding from the nipple holes in the bra. Even now, her nipples hardened as she tweaked them the same way her Master would; she squeezed them as hard and as long as she could manage, knowing it helped her endure what he would do.
Pleasing Him got her so excited; she loved posing in the positions He described for her, like long would she have to be on her hands and knees waiting until He came through the door?
She collected her tweezer nipple clamps with the red feathers, the new flogger, ball gag, her largest vibrator and her wet thong, and then sauntered out to His end table. With careful attention, she displayed the items in the order He would want each of them. She knew her wet thong would be first; He’d pick it up, hold it to His nose and breathe in her musky scent. Men loved the smell of damp thongs! Next would be her nipple clamps, then the ball gag, flogger and vibrator.
Quickly, Sondra went to the kitchen for His glass of Single Barrel Jack Daniels and poured it over ice, taking it back to His end table.
Then she glanced at the clock.
Five minutes to spare.
Carefully, she got on her hands and knees in front of His chair with her back to his view...or rather, her ass. She spread her knees as far apart as she could handle, then balanced herself on her forearms, palms up, forehead to the carpet...and waited, listening.
The carpet tickled her hard nipples; her own punishment.
The garage door sounded and her heart began to race, knowing soon she’d hear His footsteps in the kitchen. He’d probably be able to smell her scent even from that distance.
The back door closed ever so quietly.
Blood pounded in her ears. Even for as long as they’d been doing this, each time was like the first time. The excitement sparked along her nerves and made her juices flow before she was ready.
His keys hit the table by the back door.
His footsteps sounded softly on the kitchen tile as he made his way toward her.
Slow deep breaths still didn’t calm her racing heart. She wanted whatever Her Master had in mind for her. Pleasing Him was priority number one.
Suddenly His footsteps stopped at His chair and He groaned aloud. She knew that satisfied groan of His. As He moved to sit down, His shoe bumped the toe of her high heels, causing her to jump and she waited for Nick to scold her but nothing came of it.
The ice in His drink sounded as He took a sip. She imagined the amber liquid seeping over His tongue and she wanted so bad to taste that right now, but...He knew that. He knew she loved the taste of Single Barrel, the smooth burn, the cool feel of his tongue as He swirled it over hers.
Waiting seemed the hardest part but moving before He gave her permission would bring on the flogger and she wasn’t ready for that just yet.
“Tip your hips more, slut....that’s it. Gawd I love seeing you like this...your knees so far apart that it separates your lips and cheeks to show me exactly what I rushed home to see.”
The ice in His glass sounded again and she wanted a taste so bad.
Suddenly icy cold hit her lower back, tracing even lower and she gritted her teeth, feeling the melting ice trickle down between her cheeks, over her hot pussy but she knew not to moan.
“The red welts on your ass will recede in a day or so...unless you require more this evening.”
He groaned again and she imagined his gaze taking in the red welts against her milky white skin, making them appear more prominent.
“I can see your nipples love the rough carpet. That should harden them for the clamps later.”
She heard him place something on the floor between her feet.
“Reach your hand back for me and take up that huge vibrator. With as wet as you appear to be, it should slip in with ease. I want to watch.”
He couldn’t be serious? Her fingers couldn’t even wrap around the entire thing!


  1. WELL...I'm new to erotica so this is probably beyond my speed. I think I'll have to wade in slowly. This sounds mighty HOT, HOT, HOT.

  2. Can't wait! I don't think I've ever been so excited waiting for a sequel!

  3. I'M So excited!! i love this series!!

  4. Hot as always. GREAT excerpt, Tonya.

  5. This book was so much fun to write. I loved taking Nick and Sondra to Palm Springs, thinking up parties, new friends, adventures and experiences for both of them.

    The book should definitely come with a disclaimer for those not into the Dom/sub scene!! tsssss! This does NOT fall into the 'sweet romance' category! Thank you all for stopping in!

  6. Thanks so much for the opportunity, my TBR list is just growing and growing, and I love it ;) Nick and Sondra's story sounds very hot indeed!