Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Spanking is in Order!

Master's Email

     Colt took great care upon installing his cameras so visitors wouldn't detect them. Clients have been using his surveillance services for years, requesting their own security cameras but theirs were for watching their property and keeping it safe. Perhaps he had the same goals...keeping his property safe.
      His submissive worked from home and didn't go out much; he provided what she needed including an exercise room with all types of equipment and a massage room where he loved giving her relaxing massages. When he traveled, he emailed specific instructions for her to show off her body to him before his cameras. She would perform his orders per emails that she received daily and he loved to watch and record them. The videos were stored at his office under high security but at the same time he could view them when he wanted from his laptop as he traveled. Several of their training sessions were recorded so both of them could watch again and again.
     During a recent business trip, he'd planned something special for her to experience that you won't want to miss! Grab your copy of Master's Email and slip between the pages to watch for your own pleasure. This story does contain strong sexual content, Dom/sub aspects, oral and anal sex along with...tugging on your deep, dark, secret fantasies that I know how to touch! I know what you think about, I know what you love to read and hope you enjoy the story! Go on...indulge your fantasies, download your copy!
     Due to reader comments and emails, I've decided to include these three characters in future books. Keep an eye out for them to show up at a party with The Boss's Pet in Palm Springs in book five coming in late spring, 2013! *wink* I'm glad so many are enjoying the characters!

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  1. If I ever meet someone that I can completely trust (I do have issues with this), I could definitely explore being submissive.

  2. I would have to totally trust someone to be submissive to them! This book looks awesome and I can not wait to read it!!

    susanmplatt AT hotmail DOT com

  3. If i trusted my partner, submission is definitely something id like to try. :D

  4. i think i would have to be the one in control. i have big time trust issues so i doubt i would ever trust someone that much. i know that's sad, huh, but that's why I'm not in a relationship right now, I'm in the fix myself first stage. :D

    tammy ramey