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Elodie Parkes - Erotic Romance - Author Interview

Elodie Parkes
Erotic Romance

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     Elodie lives in Canterbury, United Kingdom. It’s famous for the Cathedral, Chaucer, and there is a UNESCO world heritage site, which includes the ancient ruins of St Augustine's Abbey and St Martin's Church. There is also a ruined castle. It’s a pretty place too and the coast nearby is great.
     She works in an antiques shop and writes. Elodie has two dogs that keep her fit with their need for walks.
     Elodie writes romance, contemporary and always erotic with a twist of mystery, paranormal, and suspense now and then. She likes to make the story unusual in some way, by a quirk in the tale.

Tonya:  Elodie, thank you for being here with us this week. Readers love to know more about their authors. Tell us a bit about yourself.

Elodie:  I live in Canterbury, United Kingdom. It’s famous for the Cathedral, Chaucer, and there is a UNESCO world heritage site, which includes the ancient ruins of St Augustine's Abbey and St Martin's Church. There is also a ruined castle. It’s a pretty place too and the coast nearby is great.

     I work in an antiques shop and write. I have two dogs that keep me fit with their need for walks. They are big dogs, Celt and Chaucer; I think I would be lonely without them. (Smiles)
     I write romance, contemporary, and always erotic with a twist of mystery, paranormal, and suspense now and then. I like to make the story unusual in some way, with a quirk in the tale

Tonya:  Do you have a day job?

Elodie:  I work in an antiques emporium and go out to view and buy sometimes at auctions.

Tonya:  that would also help with a few story ideas, I'm sure! Some of us have things we do to get into the writing frame of mind like music, or drinks. Do you have anything special you do to get into the writing mood?

Elodie:  I just suddenly have an idea for a story, run at the laptop as soon as I can and write, if I have anything going like the TV or music I tune out and just never hear anything but my characters telling me the stories..

Tonya:  Where do you keep story ideas? Where do they come from?

Elodie:  I have story ideas in my head and they just appear. I see people or things and stories just drop into my head. For instance in ‘The Horoscope Writer’ my latest release was inspired by seeing a girl in a shop dressed in motorcycle gear. I just heard Dominic asking 'is that a girl or a guy' and the story fell onto the page.

     Another for book ‘Millie Reinvented’ was inspired through my day job.
     I was talking to a young woman who was in the antiques shop where I work and she was buying a little sculpture of two lovers kissing. She said she had to have it because it was so nice to look at, as her husband didn’t even kiss her anymore. I couldn’t say anything I just wrapped the item, and stored the thought until the story burst out onto my laptop.

Tonya:  I do love when my characters talk to me! If you’re self-published, can you tell us a bit about that and how it’s going for you?

Elodie:  I am an indie and it’s hard becoming visible. It’s hard finding the reader audience. There are loads of people who love romance and especially erotic romance but it’s finding them and saying hey look, here’s a new read. I’m hopeful some people will read my books and tell others what gorgeous sexy stories they are (smiles)

Tonya:  That's part of the reason I love having guest authors here. My viewers love it when they find new authors and books here. Are you a daytime writer, night time writer, and do you have to be alone to write?

Elodie:  I write mainly at night but any time at all I have I write.

Tonya:  What advice would you give to new authors?

Elodie:  Just do it, write from your heart and what you want, write to give and receive pleasure, never be discouraged.

Tonya:  Do you write better when you first have an idea of what your characters look like or do you write, then add character looks?

Elodie:  I hear my characters and their story. When I describe them, it’s because I know their stories, and they form in my mind.

Tonya:  What attracts you most about men?

Elodie:  Their differences. I do like men. I look at men, (smiles) good looking guys naturally capture my attention, but I do like intelligence. I like kindness and affectionate natures in men. I find it attractive when men actually like women, there’s a difference about these men- you can have them as real friends. I guess I’m a sucker for light eyes, green, gray, blue and they must like sex and music.

Tonya:  Yes to all of those! LOL We’re dying to hear about your latest book. What can you tell us without spoiling the storyline?

Elodie:  My books fall into the category of erotic romance because I do write the sex scenes graphically and that’s because I want the love the characters feel to show up properly in my stories.
     I think too that readers have become used to reading more. They don’t want the description of the romance to stop at the bedroom door.

     My latest release ‘The Horoscope Writer’ was inspired by two things, a girl in a shop dressed in motorbike gear and signs along a country road when I was out driving one day in another county.
     The main characters just started to flow into my head and by the time I had driven home, which was a three hour journey through the countryside, I had the book and characters completely ready.
     Dominic Reed the horoscope writer is desperate for love. He doesn’t know he has never had the kind of love he suddenly finds with Cassie the female lead character. It ignites a sexual passion in him he didn’t know he could feel.
     My books do contain graphic sex in the love scenes but they are love scenes, romantic and the characters are driven by love.
     ‘The Horoscope Writer’ is about Dominic, who is a writer and has lots of different writing jobs for magazines amongst which is that of horoscope writing. He is a lonely soul, living in the country on a funny country lane where a few artisan’s workshops are. Fortunately he has a friend there too, Jeremy, who has a workshop, design studio there on the lane.
     Dominic is lonely. His last relationship broke up a couple of years prior to the opening of the story and he really wants love.
     There is a workshop to let on the lane and Cassie comes along to rent it.
     Dominic is instantly attracted to her when he sees her in Jeremy’s office and she finds Dominic irresistible.
     There is a mild paranormal streak running through what is an erotic romance because Dominic has been influenced by his great uncle who was also a horoscope writer.
     This is a love story, erotic and enticing.

EXCERPT 18+ From The Horoscope Writer

     “Can I get you anything Cassie? Coffee?”
      She smiled at him thinking he had perhaps changed his mind about going to bed together.
     “Okay coffee is good” she answered.
      Dominic washed his hands and made coffee. Cassie watched him.
     “If you’ve changed your mind Dominic it’s okay”, she told him. It was what Dominic needed.
     He went to her and held her head to kiss her. The kiss was like nectar to Cassie and she began to put her hand up inside his sweater to reach his skin. Dominic held her head with one hand kissing her almost desperately as he used the other hand to unzip her jeans and push them down her thighs. Cassie unzipped his jeans. Dominic felt almost lightheaded, he couldn’t stop kissing her, and he put his hand down inside her underwear to press his palm against her lower stomach.
     Cassie gasped and searched for a way to lower his jeans and feel his hard bottom. She felt his fingers reach her entrance and she parted her legs a little so that he could push them into her.
     Dominic’s voice was a whisper.
     “Cassie let’s go to bed. I want to feel you naked against me. I need you”.
She nodded slightly as his face was still against hers. She moaned involuntarily as he took his fingers from her.
     Dominic took her jacket, and put it over the back of a kitchen chair.
Cassie pulled her jeans up leaving them unzipped.
     Dominic held her hand to lead her up to his bedroom. The staircase was surprisingly wide, and they could walk up there side by side. Dominic’s room was at the end of the landing, and he pushed the door open with the side of his body as he turned to hold Cassie again and kiss her.
Somehow, though it wasn’t clear how to either of them when they thought about it later, they undressed, and lay clasped against each other on the bed breathing into each other’s mouths when the sensation of being skin to skin overwhelmed them for a few moments.
     Dominic traced his fingers down her stomach reaching her entrance to find she was wet for him. His lips found hers and their tongues touched gently as his fingers began to work magic on Cassie. She moved against his palm and made little sounds into his kiss as she reached for him. He thrust into her hands and they both groaned with need.
     “Cassie wait I’ll find a condom”, he said, as she began to whisper her need to him.
     “Dominic I need you inside me now”, she whispered over, and over as she kissed him.
     Her hands felt cool on him and he was still thrusting his hips as he moved his fingers in her. Cassie was close to coming and she kissed Dominic shaking a little against his lips.
     “Dominic I’m going to---”. He knew, and he decided to give her that first.
     He kissed her tenderly and moved his thumb over her bud, his fingers deep inside her. “Cassie I know, let go, do it”, he whispered, and left his lips soft against her mouth as she moaned and thrust on his fingers coming. It seemed to last a long time and Dominic liked that. He looked at her with love as she finally opened her eyes and smiled a little at him.
     He wanted to be inside her and he reached over her to the drawer in the bedside table to find a condom. He couldn’t find one, and because he was kissing Cassie as she stroked his erection, he stopped kissing her to look into the drawer. Cassie took the opportunity to move down his body and take him into her mouth. She felt his intake of breath as she did it and held his hips still before moving a hand to hold him low on his shaft and suck him.
     Dominic let the feeling of complete pleasure soothe his worry about not finding a condom. He held Cassie’s head gently with his hands in her hair. As he looked down at her, Cassie shifted her body and moved her leg over his so that he could feel her entrance wet against the top of his shin. Her hair fell over his lower stomach. She was doing amazing things with her tongue and his gaze fell on the lovely curve of her bottom and length of her satiny thighs. Dominic felt his orgasm rise up from his thighs as Cassie’s hair feathered across them. The sensation rippled up him all the way to his lips and he groaned. Cassie kept him in her mouth until she knew he had completely finished. She had never known quite what to do with the mouthful of seed and this seemed like such a lot. Without thinking too much about it she swallowed and then kissed up his stomach and chest until she nuzzled against his throat.
      Dominic could feel her moving gently against his thigh and sighed at the pleasure it gave him to feel her damp entrance on his skin.
    “Cassie”, he whispered, as she sucked a little at the base of his throat.
She waited.
    “Cassie”, he whispered again, and he lifted her gently up so that her head was level with his. He kissed her tenderly and then kept her cuddled against him. They both closed their eyes and lay quietly together until they slept for a short time.

      Copyright Elodie Parkes 2012

Tonya:  Whew!  tssss!   I know I had a fan around here somewhere! But where can our readers find you and your books?

Elodie:  Find me online:

Tonya:  What is your favorite night time snack?

Elodie:  It varies really, chocolate biscuits, at the moment. I found these tiny ones on the shape of animals and I eat them sometimes. If I wasn’t single it might be something else (smiles)

Tonya:  Do you like toppings on your ice cream?

Elodie:  I don’t eat ice-cream, I don’t eat dairy much at all as it gives me asthma.

Tonya:  What’s your favorite meal - Italian, Mexican, Thai, etc?

Elodie:  Fruit salad, huge bowl of it. Except for Strawberries can’t have them (Laughs)

Tonya:  Is there anything else you want to tell our readers?

Elodie:  I write from my heart and so you get a piece of it when you read my books.

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