Thursday, November 7, 2013

Are you ready for more of The Boss's Pet BDSM series?

 Love Erotica?
Need more stimulation?

     Book four will lead you into book five if you're following along with the series. As I write, ideas are flowing about where I can take my characters to keep you entertained. The character's level of learning and acceptance is another aspect of hot, erotic action. Sub space is something else not understood by those in the vanilla world but is one topic dealt with in book five. (By visiting my website, those interested in learning more can follow the links I've posted.)
     It's a much known fact that when pain happens to in childbirth...we're instructed to concentrate on something else until the pain subsides. Those in the Dom/sub world understand this as well. It may come as a surprise to many, but some individuals actually need more pain and stimulation to achieve a deeper orgasm experience. They also build up a tolerance to pain and need more pain applied as they progress to more painful play in the BDSM world. Being mentally prepared for exploring in this world is the hardest for those in the vanilla world, but once they experiment, the understanding slowly makes sense to them if they have the right partner.
     Having the right partner you fully trust is another matter I've talked about before. DO NOT get into this lifestyle unless you have a partner you totally trust because when you're blindfolded and restrained...your life is in their hands! This is no laughing matter. Submissives have been injured because their Dom couldn't be trusted to pay attention to stress signals from their submissive should they be afraid to use their safe word. I can't stress this enough. You need to be open with your partner before doing any form of bondage play. Talk to each other, understand just how far your partner is willing go as you both test the waters.
     Palm Springs has so many exciting places to take my characters while showing my readers the beauty of the valley. The shopping mall at The River, the beautiful homes along the mountainsides, the aerial tram ride up to the top of the mountain to view the valley from the bar and balcony. Now imagine if there were a secret dungeon deep within the mountain with a 'member only' entrance from the bar area? Did that grab your attention? Click over to enjoy all the photos while your mind wonders about the lifestyle possiblities! Enjoy!

     I can't wait to get book five finished for your reading pleasure and more! *wicked laugh* I've been required at the office more lately but am hoping the release date for the end of December can still be possible. Some of you might already know a few of the new characters if you've read Master's Email. Feel free to leave comments or questions! Muah! 

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