Monday, June 23, 2014

Paige Matthews gifts us with DOMINATE ME excerpt

More from the Devoured Club Series.... DOMINATE ME

Once he was gone, Devlins hand grasped around the back of my head and pulled me close to him, his lips crushing against mine. His tongue opening my mouth to him as he mapped every inch of my mouth. The familiar smell of his skin, the feeling of his calloused fingers on the back of my neck had me pushing against his bulge. He broke the kiss and stood back, shaking his head. God, its been awhile.

I sunk to my knees into position. There was no doubt in my mind what I wanted, what Ive missed for the last four years. I needed him like I need air. No matter what happened between us, no matter the reasons he was still here-and aroused as hell. The bulge in his pants was apparent when I gazed up.

Get off your knees, Aiden.

No, sir. I need this. You need this.

Dont fucking tell me what I need. That part of me is gone, left when I did. Now get your ass off your knees. He began to walk around the living, toward the windows that over looked the city-even though the drapes were drawn shut, I knew that image.

Devon, Devlin-whatever you go by now. I need to know why you left. Please? I walked up behind him and placed my hand on his shoulder blade, rubbing it gently over his shoulder. I felt his immediate tensing, but continued to move my hands over the muscles of his back, etching them into my mind again. He used to enjoy this; Caroline on her knees sucking him off, me behind him rubbing my hands over his body until we switched positions and I took him into my mouth. The thought caused my dick to stir.

Im not discussing that right now. What we need to do, what I need to do is figure out a way to get you safe, that poor girl safe and to watch Ashworth burn in hell for his sins. He stayed rigid, but didnt move. I ran my hands around his body until they were rubbing his chest and abdomen, tracing every defined line on his torso. My body was up against his back, my cock against his ass. There was no way he could mistake my arousal.

Dont start something that cant be finished. He said as he finally stepped out of my reach.

You started it with that kiss.

I lost my judgment for a moment. It will not happen again.

We have a history Devon.

Devlin. Its Devlin now. Devon is long gone.

Whered he go? You still look like the same person to me.

But Im not. Now get some rest. Kieran and I will be down in the morning. He took another look at me and headed toward the door, pausing as he opened it, but not saying another word, slipping out again with the same look in his eyes as he had four years ago.

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