Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Enjoy Contemporary Cowboy Romance? Come rope another one!

Enjoy a new excerpt!

Cassi tipped her head to the side when Gabe’s arm encircled her waist from behind and she breathed in his cologne. Warm lips touched her neck and then his tongue slowly made circles on her skin, moving lower. A spark of passion tightened her inner muscles as she thought about his thickness entering her, slowly, deeply, touching her inner walls.

“Gabe...” A moan slipped out. Cassi stood still, not wanting to move against his sore arm still in a sling. He seemed to want to make up for lost time as bad as she did.

His hand moved higher to cup her breast and she felt the nipple pucker beneath his fingers.

“I want you just as bad.” His warm breath on her ear teased her further. “I’ve thought of nothing but holding you this close since you left two weeks ago.” His fingers tightened on her breast and then his thumb and finger rolled her nipple through her shirt, making her wince.

Cassi carefully wiggled her ass back against the hard bulge she felt there. This time Gabe groaned and her woman’s center tightened. She knew she wouldn’t be able to hide the dampness of her thong for long.

Again, he placed a warm kiss on her neck. “I’ll stand here all night if you like...”

Gabe left the decision up to her and she wasn’t about to play coy. All she could think about was making love to him. Cassi took his hand and walked through the dimly lit kitchen. She headed toward the master bedroom and the erotic memories they’d made there. Closing the door behind them, the dark room glowed just enough from the night light in the master bath.

She carefully removed his arm from the sling, lifted it off his head and laid it on the chair. Her fingers began unbuttoning the front of his shirt, making her way down as she undid each button and then tugged it from his jeans. Slipping her hands around his waist, feeling the heat of his bare skin, Cassi held him close, her cheek against his muscled chest.

This is what things could be like every day for them whenever she decided to move out here for good. Her heart no longer ached the way it did before she received that letter from Moretti. The gap in the relationship between her and Gabe was closing and it felt wonderful to know someone else loved you back just as much.

Could that gap have been closed long ago if she’d not been so stubborn?

That's from book one and I've been toying with the cover of book two, which will be Dani and Jesse's story. Hope you like the cover. I don't have a release date yet for this one.

Coming early 2015

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