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Frank Noir's HOT Tales of Lust and a Giveaway!

Frank Noir

     We meet in the area of Schöneberg in Berlin, Germany (in the heart of the city and only a minute's walk away from Frank Noir's flat) there is a cocktail bar called "Green Door".
     It doesn't look like much from the outside. I knock on the door (which is in fact painted green) to be let in.  On the inside, I'm surprised to find a stylish and well-stocked bar.
     When I arrive, he is waiting for me, sipping one of their many absinthe-based cocktails. He recommends I try one for myself. Yummy!

 Here's what we discussed!

Tell us a bit about yourself that our readers might not know: 
     I was born in Denmark, but am currently living in Berlin, Germany. When I'm not writing pornography, I write music and lyrics. And I do web development for a living.

What made you want to become a writer? 
    I've always loved reading. And I remember my dad bought a typewriter when I was a boy. I used to love tapping away on that and see my words come out looking almost like a real book.
    When I hit puberty, I found that writing down my sexual fantasies enhanced the experience - both when writing them down and when reading them afterwards.
     Then the internet came along, and I began sharing my stories online. This eventually led to me trying my hand at publishing some of my stories in ebook format.

Share a bit about your new release without giving away too much!

      "Tales of Lust - Volume 3" is a collection of short stories, all of them featuring very graphic sex, and most of them exploring a male domination/female submission theme.
Do you write under a pen name?
      Yes. I'm currently self-employed. And I'm not sure all of my clients would be comfortable working with someone who writes graphic sado-masochistic pornography in his spare time.
What types of hero or heroine do you like best?
      My heroines are usually forced to submit to the desires of the male protagonist(s). But interestingly, I prefer a heroine who puts up a fight. Most of them are smart women who reflect on the events as the story progresses - and often discover a hidden side of their sexuality on the way.

Tell us about a typical day in your life as a writer.

     Most days I have to do other work in order to pay my bills. But let's imagine a day off work where I can focus on my writing. 
     I'll probably start the day by reading through something I've written recently. If it's a work in progress, I might add to it. If it's a finished story, I might edit and/or proofread it. (For some reason I usually don't edit or proofread until a have a finished first draft)
     Around noon I'll go for a long walk through Berlin (The Tiergarten park is close by, and I like to stroll there). This is usually when I think up new storylines in my head. I keep a cell phone or a notepad ready to write down basic idea and storylines.
     And from early evening until into the night is usually where I write new material. Either picking up on a work in progress or selecting some interesting plot from my storyline file to start a brand new story.

Do your books have a common theme or are they all different?
      There are many recurring themes that figure more or less prominently from story to story.
     Most of my plots take place in an urban environment, often between strangers. And there usually is some power play and a touch of domination and submission. And I do like to play with some kind of taboo.

How long does it take you to write and then edit a story?

     If all goes well, I can write a short story in a night (I usually work at night) - and it then takes about the same amount of time to edit and proofread. My novella "Lusting after Michiko" took me about a week to write - and probably about as much to edit and proofread.


Do you have to be alone to write? 
     I don't know. But I never tried it any other way.
How do you go about naming characters?
     Unless the character needs an exotic name, I like to use everyday names. In fact, many of my characters are named after porn stars of a fitting age and ethnicity.

Is it easier to write about the characters if you find pictures of them before you write or do you write then find character pictures? 
     I often get the image of the characters in my mind as I write. But I tend not to over-describe them. Lengthy descriptions slow down the action, and I'd rather have the readers make up their own favourite type of characters in their minds.

How do you pick locations for your stories?  
     I get very inspired by urban environments. Walking through the streets of Berlin I can recognize several locations that have inspired my stories. Again, the taboo element plays a part: I like to choose a setting that is somehow an unlikely location for a sex act.

Do your stories have a message or a moral?

      I guess my stories could be seen as utterly immoral. But I like to promote the idea that indulging in whatever sexual fantasies that turn you on is not only okay - I believe it is in fact healthy. If my stories can help my readers explore their hidden or taboo fantasies they will also help them become more aware of what kind of sexual beings they are - and hopefully accept and embrace even their kinkiest sides. 

Excerpt from "The Elevator"

     The elevator car was empty except for a tall blond woman dressed in a dark jacket with a matching short skirt with a handbag slung over her shoulder. Michael recognized her as an executive from the 18th floor – Maria something. Due to her high status, she’d never really paid any attention to him, but as he entered the elevator she nodded politely. The doors closed, and the elevator started going down.
     Maria smiled to herself, and Michael wondered if she’d noticed the bulge in his pants. It was not big enough to be really embarrassing, but he knew that if his mind ever drifted back to those porno pictures, it would grow to a bona fide erection that he couldn’t possibly hide. God, he looked forward to getting home.
Still, he couldn’t help glancing at Maria – her long blond hair, her long, slim legs revealed by the short skirt. And suddenly, as she adjusted the strap of the handbag, something shiny fell out and rolled across the elevator floor.
     It took Michael a moment to realize that it was a steel vibrator. Flustered, Maria bent down to pick it up, but the dildo rolled across the floor and didn’t stop until it hit Michael’s right shoe. Now he bent down and picked it up. The metal felt cold and smooth in his hand.
     Maria stared at him, speechless. The whole situation was absurd. Here he was, all hot and bothered because of that elevator story, himself in an elevator face to face with a hot female executive who was afraid to ask for her dildo back.
     Michael knew he was about to do something, he might live to regret, but to hell with that. He slammed his palm against the emergency stop button, and the car stopped with a loud noise and a violent jerk, which almost knocked them off their feet.
     “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Maria shrieked.
Slowly, Michael walked towards her holding the vibrator.
     “I think you need this,” he said.
     “That’s none of your fucking business,” she hissed.
     “What if I make it my business?” Michael asked.
     He now stood next to her, almost touching her. Maria glanced at the vibrator in his hand.
     “Alright,” he said. “Show me your pussy.”
     “You heard me.”
     Maria didn’t answer right away. Michael examined the sex toy, turning it on. It started vibrating between his fingers with a buzzing noise. He switched it off again. 
     "You’ve got some fucking nerve, asshole!” Maria finally said.
     “Hey,” Michael said. “We’re stuck in this fucking car, and you’d probably like to get off. Am I right? Okay, so now show me that pussy.”
     Cursing, Maria pulled off her white silk panties and lifted up her skirt. Her pussy was shaved, completely hairless, showing off her pink labia. Michael felt his cock throbbing in his pants.
     “Happy now, creep?” she asked.
     Without a word, Michael spun her around, making her face the 
wall. Then he put one arm around her and held her tight, pressing his torso against her back and grabbing her right breast hard.
     “Oh,” she muttered.
     Michael turned on the vibrator and let the buzzing steel toy graze Maria’s labia. She struggled in his grip, as he moved the vibrator up and down her pussy lips. Now he placed the tip right next to her clit, letting the buzzing toy vibrate her love button. Maria gasped for air, her whole body jerking wildly. But Michael held on tight.
     “Spread your legs,” he whispered into her ear.
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