Friday, May 20, 2011

Join me at CJ's Blog - Black Satin - for some fun!

I'm so glad you popped in today! Mark your calendar now so you can join me one day next week, or maybe stop in daily! I'll be posting at CJ's blog and chatting with readers and other authors about my book series but you can learn a bit more about me through my interview that will be up. I'll also be discussing book three due out in late June.

I'll be having a contest to win a $15 gift card to Amazon or B & N with a winner pulled on Saturday, May 28th so everyone has time to get in. If I'm a new author to you, thank you for stopping in. Please tell your erotica reader friends to come visit also.

Please check out my Poll question over there on the right. Your response is important to me! Thank you!

Here's a bit of news - My books should be available for download at Amazon by the evening of May 21st!!  Woohoo!! Finally! I just bit the bullet, hopped over there Thursday, read thru all their directions and hopefully will have a download for those with Kindle who have been asking me when I'll be at Amazon. I'll be there but don't want to count it too early just in case I need to fix something, but help me check it out Saturday. Visit Amazon and do an author search for Tonya Kinzer...I should come up with both books and in June I can upload book three for you! Is that not kewl news? LOL...I'm on cloud nine again, it doesn't take much, but am also excited to get book three out to you. Over on the left, click the bookbuzzr link to read Chapter One!

Below is the cover for Sharing Among'd I do? *wink*


  1. E - Thanks for stopping in and even more thanks for leaving a message! LOL I love that many stop in to check things out but I also like to read the comments on posts. Maybe too many are too shy to leave a comment and I'll accept that; it's okay!

    Lurkers, I LOVE you too! Muah! You can hang out as long as you want. Another place you need to hop to is my main website which is getting better every week. I've lots to read and several links to check out so please give it a try!