Sunday, May 15, 2011

New character wants his own book!

As I'm working on book three, Sharing Among Friends, a new Dom will be introduced to Sondra. As most of my characters talk to me, I didn't find it strange that this new Dom also made Himself a bit noisy lately, going so far as to telling me how much my readers would enjoy HIS story!

Now, I love it when this happens because they usually give me details about their story and who they'll be bringing along with them, so I look forward to meeting this guy's friends and playmates! I've warned Him He'll have to wait at least until book three is done so that I can give Him my full attention!

Stay tuned and stop back often so you can know what's happening. I have a few upcoming interviews with erotic authors who may be new to you so mark your calendars. I also have a calendar of events on my main website, which is also growing as I add more pages. Thanks for stopping in; see you again soon!

Muah!, sane, consensual!

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  1. Ah those pesky characters can be so demanding, can't they? (laughs)