Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fall is almost here!

     I do hope all of you are enjoying the last days of's still in the high 80s, sometimes low 90s here in the Northwest! For me, September is jammed packed with blog hops for you, interviews with new authors and yours truly at several other blogs.You never know what toys I may show up with on some of the interviews so stay tuned!

      My calendar is updated with the links of where to find me and also the author's website link on their name in the calendar so you can take an early peek at what books they've got out or are working on! I hope you like that.

     There are also many blog hops coming up in the next few months. One in particular is beginning on the 15th right here, and will go through the 19th. The banner is over on the right, 18 & Over Blog Hop. Mark your calendars to join us and begin on my blog. Keep my post open so you can see all the blogs involved, then right click on a blog, open in a new tab. When you've entered that contest and book marked their site for later, close that tab, come back here and right click on the next blog! There may be over 60 blogs offering gift cards, free books and who knows what else. It's a great opportunity to find out about new authors and new books for your shelf!

     Thanks for stopping in to see what's coming up next! You guys rock! If you're won of my Twitter or FB followers - I appreciate your support! Oh, I almost for forgot! I've started my newspaper, like several other authors. Most you can find while cruising through Twitter. My paper is titled The Erotic Fantasy Gazette! To read mine, go Here. *Right click and open in a NEW TAB or you will leave my page - I don't want that! LOL I hope you enjoy it. The paper is updated every twelve hours so there's new content twice a day! Some days could get pretty racy! I'd love to know what you think.

     Don't forget to check out things here and on my website for new content! I'm always updating to give you more to do! Thanks again...oh, and be sure to keep those toys clean!

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