Sunday, April 29, 2012

Coming soon - Master's Email!

      This is a short story I found in my files that I'd written years ago and with a bit of editing, it's shaping up to be an enticing story for those who like to watch! I hope you enjoy it - it will release at .99 just for you! Stay tuned so you know when it releases. The best way for that is to be signed up for my newsletter, which also puts you in the monthly drawing of my subscribers.

     Another way to win is by following my blog. To keep you coming back, I have authors signing up for future interviews now that my time at the office isn't required 24/7!

Blurb:  She knows each morning she must check her email first thing. Her Master sends instructions of what he wants her to do everyday so he can view it on his webcam at the office. The cameras he's hidden around the house capture her performances no matter what room she's in. If her performances displease Master, punishment will follow, as she's found out.

     Does she disobey on purpose, hoping to be spanked? Master has yet to do that so she continues to test him. She refuses to ask for a spanking but her inner desires are getting so strong she may be forced to ask if she can't push him to do that. What will she do today to provoke his punishment?


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