Monday, April 9, 2012

Cover of the Western - still tentative

Which cover do you like best?

Blue or Red font?

      I say the cover is still tentative because I'm not happy with the font or titles so those may change but the rest of the will stay pretty much the same. I'll be starting the book at the end of the month and can't wait to get to work! The Boss is keeping me pretty busy thru to month's end but after that....look out broncos, we have characters to round up, a setting to get into, along with lots of hot sexy scenes!

      Stay tuned for updates as they happen as well as the progress of the book! Thank you so much for stopping in. Please know that I don't take your visits for granted when I know there are so many blogs and web sites to visit, so thank you! Are you signed up for my newsletter? That automatically enters you into my monthly drawings. Another drawing is done from those who follow my blog. Every month I give away gift cards to two lucky winners. Why miss out? Sign up is on the left!

NEWS: Book 4 in The Boss's Pet series recd a 5 stings review from Star at BDSM Book Reviews, by Star: 5 stings!!!


  1. I'd change the fonts for sure. Too busy with so much going on in the background. - Rae -