Thursday, August 2, 2012

Meet the characters from Master's Email!

....welcome back my little SMUT lovers!

I've miss you all! Muah!

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     I have a treat for you but it's over at Elodie Parkes' blog and will be live Friday, Aug 3 - click HERE to head over there! I'm doing an interview with Colt and Alexis so you can get to know them! Check the left side bar and come visit me at the other interviews this week! See you over there!

     Now...I have another character for you to meet. An image of Master Buck from my erotic story of Master's Email!

Master Buck

      mmmmm....he's got a nice smile now but...I wouldn't want to cross him with a flogger in his hand! Then again, I'm sure just his hand would work well too! I'm pleased to introduce John Quinlan as Master Buck! He has graciously agreed to step in and help fullfil your fantasies! tssssss! thank you so much, John!

      Readers, feel free to leave a comment and you just might be lucky enough for Master Buck to stop by and answer your questions! Muah!

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  1. Thank you for stopping in, my little smut lovers! Enjoy massaging your dark fantasies with my characters and I....come venture deeper into my site, check out the links!