Saturday, April 13, 2013

Cover Reveal for 'Tentative' Cover of Book 5, The Boss's Pet!

The Boss's Pet
Book 5!

       I know I'm jumping the gun on this but I get so excited about sharing things with all of you! This is just the first mock-up and I'll be moving things around several times yet, but these are the basic images I'll be using. Cover model, John Quinlan, fits perfectly as Master Buck (from Master's Email)and I'm pulling him in to make his appearance with Sondra and Nick. You may even see Alexis and Colt.
    Our own Jimmy Thomas has given us a few more photo shoots to pick from and I found a perfect image to use on this cover. Wow! Wouldn't we all love to be THAT woman! ttssss! Damn, Jimmy! mmmmmmm...
     This tentative title is just that. I've not settled on a title either, but Sondra will be in charge even more in book five. I'm shooting for late summer to early fall for the release but thought I'd tease all of you Dom/sub fans and get you panting for more!
     Like this cover? I'd love to hear your thoughts and John, if you happen to stop by for a peek, my readers would love to chat with you. Please leave a comment for them. Readers, he's appearing on many more upcoming covers and has started a cover page at his website should you want to surf over for a peek! Just click the COVER icon in the upper left! Look for many more covers with his image on them - The most tattooed romance novel cover model!

We can't wait to see some of 
the upcoming covers, John!


  1. Can't wait for part 5!

  2. That is so gorgeous! i love this series and can hardly wait to read the next book. i'm a bit behind,just starting #3,but should be all caught up by the time 5 come out so i can grab it and ignore the family until i finish it. LOL!
    they hate it when i get a new book. congrats on the cover.

    tammy ramey

  3. John, you need a little smile or smirk, because you know you are going to enjoy it. Great smile in the firefighters gear-love the ink! The exec with his hand in his pocket and the 100 mile stare is super. The belly button tattoo must have been a little sore.