Saturday, July 6, 2013

More on Come Tame ME!

Final Cover!!

     I'm writing on my covered deck today, hoping to finish up Come Tame Me! The smell of our lavender is floating on the breeze that's threatening to warm up and send me inside but we'll see! Above is the cover I've finalized and I'm also working on the book trailer and mouse pad. I have winners of my mouse pad so I need to get it finished and ordered.
     Thank you all for hanging around the contests and congrats to all the recent winners. Stay tuned this week as I'm also picking winners from my newsletter and blog as well as the separate newsletter contest! Remember - if you don't include the secret words with your entry, you can't win. I know...that means that you can't click on my entry to get in if you aren't also a subscriber to my newsletter. That's my way of rewarding my subscribers TWICE just for reading! Thank you all! Muah! (subscribe to my newsletter and get into my auto-contest just for being a subscriber for a chance at a $10 gift card)
     Below is a TENTATIVE pic of my mouse pad but I'm still working on it. If you have a unique idea of what to add or remove from the mouse pad, feel free to comment!

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