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Erotic Author, Adriana Kraft - Going Indie!

Erotic Romance Author
Adriana Kraft

     Welcome! We're so glad you're here. Help yourself to the bar over in the far corner...our sexy bartender will get you whatever you need. Adriana is here and most likely surrounded by fans so look for a crowd! The balloon streamers were fun to put up, we hope you like them. Have fun, chat with the other guests, get in on the contest. How awesome is that?
     Thanks so much for featuring us this week, Tonya – we’re thrilled to be here. And we want to alert readers to scroll to the bottom and enter our Rafflecopter contest for a $10 gift certificate plus one download of their choice from our backlist.


       Are we ever excited about our new indie publishing venture! The Best Man, our June 1 release, just completed a stunning three-day free promotion at Amazon and climbed to #10 in Kindle > Free > Contemporary Romance. Sure pumped us up!

      And we’re madly finishing final edits on the ARC for our next release, The Reunion, which we’ve scheduled for September 15. Let us know if you’d like an advance copy to review it – you can reach us at adrianakraft99 at yahoo dot com.

       The whole process has been a heady mix of scary decisions, taking the plunge, and scouring the internet for support and advice, of which we’ve found heaps. For starters, I highly recommend Guy Kawasaki’s APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepeneur, probably the best $10 investment we’ve made as authors, hands down. There are more choices to be made in this enterprise than anyone ever dreamed of, and he pretty much covers the waterfront and tells you what the payoff and drawbacks are for most of the major decisions.
     What I liked even better, though, was his chapter entitled “Should you Write a Book.” Of course, having already written over three dozen, I was tempted to skip the chapter – but what he walks you through is an examination of why you want to write. In the end, what I experienced was a re-purposing: more clarity about our overall mission (heady words for an erotica author, I know) and how what we write fits into everything else we care about.
       So here’s a stab at letting you in on what we’re about: Adriana Kraft is the pen name under which my husband and I write erotic romance for two, three, or more. We’re baby boomers, and without giving away our exact age, I’ll just say we’re not in the youngest cohort (you know, those peeps who will turn fifty in 2014).
      Writing erotic romance, for us, grew out of our investment in staying healthy and keeping an active and satisfying sex life together – no small challenge for persons in their fifties and beyond. So it turns out that’s our mission: to write and share both fiction and non-fiction that adds value (a Guy Kawasaki term) to people’s lives. Specifically, we hope our fiction and our recently launched weekly Stay Sexy column contribute not only to giving readers a sexy, erotic read, but to spicing up their sex lives in general. We hope you’ll check out both venues!
      Being Indie means we get to craft exactly the books we want, launch them when it best suits us, and completely manage their publicity campaigns, discounts, contests and other marketing. We’re having a blast and we’re extremely excited about the next book coming down the pike. We hope you’ll like it – here’s the blurb, cover, and an excerpt to clue you in. It’s a polyamory ménage with two women and one man, a smattering of voyeurism, some light BDSM, and lots of sizzling sex scenes as these characters who grabbed us and wouldn’t let us go work out whether they can have a relationship or not.



      Dark and brooding, Adam Granger was always the bad boy out of reach—but now he’s in Sarah Atkinson’s bed, the morning after their twentieth high school reunion. When Adam beats a retreat to his Pacific Palisades estate, former good girl Sarah throws caution to the wind and pursues him.
      Petite copper-skinned Maria Ramirez greets Sarah at Adam’s front door. The former exotic dancer doesn’t challenge Sarah’s assumption she’s the maid—how long will it take the tall dark-haired beauty to figure out Maria is Adam’s live-in lover? Better yet, how long before Maria can entice her into their bed?
      Determined not to rock his hard-won lifestyle, Adam resolves to push Sarah past her sexual limits so she’ll leave. When she stays, he watches helplessly as the two women fall in love with each other. Will they shut him out? And, if they let him in, what must he sacrifice? 


      On her back with her hands extended over her head, her raised butt resting on a cushion and her legs splayed wide, Sarah eyed Adam with what she hoped was sufficient aloofness. He hadn’t tied her to the bed, but he might as well have. He’d told her in no uncertain terms not to budge. If nothing else, his glare kept her riveted in place.
      Thankfully, Maria knelt by her side with a reassuring smile. Yet even she had an edge about her that seemed different. Maria’s flared nostrils and elongated nipples embodied sexual excitement. She must know what Adam intended.
      But like her, Maria awaited Adam’s next command. He was in charge of choreographing what was going to pass for lovemaking. Sarah wasn’t in charge, and neither was Maria.
      Adam could be mistaken for a Greek god kneeling between her legs. His chest and corded thighs glistened with a sheen of oil. His eyes bore into her as if capable of reading her mind. Her heart skipped several beats as she watched him squirt oil along the full length of his cock. He worked both hands along the length of his shaft, spreading the oil thoroughly. She could hear the squeak of the oil against his hard flesh. Her mouth watered at the sight of the purplish crown peeking out of his fist.
      “See something you want?” Adam’s grin made it clear he knew her response.
       “Yes,” she replied, trying to sound as meek as possible.
     “How?” She frowned at his fingers skimming his cock. “Not that way. Come in me,” she pled. “Now.”
     Adam gave Maria a caustic smile. “Haven’t you taught her better than this? She still thinks she can control the game.” He glared back at Sarah. “You don’t get to decide this time. I will do what I want to you and with you. Right?”
     Sarah smacked her lips, resisting looking at Maria for help. She girded herself for what was to come. She knew she’d brought this on herself. She’d teased him, taunted him, and mocked him. She’d wanted to crack his exterior. Now she wasn’t so sure she wanted to peer into his interior world. She did her best not to outwardly tremble. “Yes. Do what you will.” The strength of her voice surprised even her. 
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