Friday, September 13, 2013

Come Tame Me is NOW AVAILABLE!!

It's Release Week!!

     Thank you to those who have already downloaded your copy of Come Tame Me! If you haven't yet, the buy links are listed below. The book is at Amazon and will soon be at the other online stores so keep checking back if it's not listed yet at your favorite e-store. I appreciate your support!
     I'm having a blast talking with readers who stop by to comment on the blogs I've been on and I have more stops coming up. The schedule and links on over there on the left side bar - scroll down the schedule to my Blog Tour Stops and click over to them. I've been to three this week and there still time to get in on the contests. I'll be picking winners for those on Saturday evening!
      If you click on my tour button over on the right, you'll be taken to the Rafflecopter where you can get in several entries! Because so many of you have downloaded my books, I'm able to give back so some of you can win the gift cards to buy more books. One of you will be the lucky winner of the $200 gift card to buy yourself the newest e-reader out there. I didn't want to do a specific e-reader in case someone wanted something different.

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CONTEST:   Who wants another chance to win a $10 gift card? Leave a comment below (include your email and choice) and tell us what your favorite era is for sexy westerns - 1800s - 1900s - or contemporary? As for me, I like any era for sexy westerns! Good luck and please use the share buttons below to let your friends know they can stop by! Muah!


  1. Like any era for westerns

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  2. I love just about any era as long as there are hot cowboys in it. LOL!
    I was just looking at the picture you have up of Dani's house and it reminds me of the ones my brother builds back home in Wyoming and Montana. I can tell you that although Oregon is pretty and so is the ocean it doesn't stand a chance against my rockies and tetons. I miss them.... but I don't miss the snow!!! LOL!

    tammy ramey

  3. I gotta say I love history so I would have to say the 1800's. It's just something about learning how people where before you were a concept in your mom's eye.


  4. anyone know who won this gift certificate?
    tammy ramey

  5. Tammy!! Thanks for reminding me that there was another contest I'd not picked a winner for! Whoohoo...being so busy is NOT good! LMAO....ok, I used and Vida is the winner!! Vida, I'll email you so you can tell me where you want the gift card to!

  6. thanks Tonya and Congrats Vida. Who won the last 2 g.c.??