Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Let go of control to experience the best!

Let Go of Your Control!

     The BDSM lifestyle is viewed differently from the vanilla world because they've not experienced the pleasures of letting go. If you've stopped in to read and have not read books of bondage before, I hope I can change the way you think about it. Those in the vanilla world can easily test the waters by starting with a blindfold. Before you even do that, you first MUST talk with your partner and have total trust between the two of you. That is the basis of the Dom/sub world as well as the BDSM world! Decide on a safe word to use if you truly want them to stop what they're doing to you. A Dom has told his submissive....I will cause you pain but...I won't injure you.
     Now that you've discussed the trust issue, close your eyes and let go of being in control. Your partner is now in control of your pleasure. Use your senses to anticipate where they'll touch you and how. Will you be made to wait? That's part of the mind game that goes hand in hand with this type of play. Sex is in the mind!
     The control is truly in YOUR hands because you decide when it stops. Many view BDSM/bondage as kinky because its a world they've not explored. Try on a corset and see what happens within your mind. Perhaps the tips of the bra are cut out to tantalize your partner. Imagine you're standing before them as their gaze takes in every sexy inch of your body and what their hands and fingers can do to you. You're dripping already!
     We all think about this lifestyle but there are still many who've never tried to experience the full benefit of letting others be in control of your pleasure! Read a few of my books in The Boss's Pet series and see if it might be something you and your partner can enjoy. No one else needs to know what goes on behind your bedroom door but it will open new avenues of pleasure for both of you. Give it a chance! Thanks for stopping by!
     Oh, by the way, book five should come out before the end of the year. You can peek at the tentative cover by clicking the link above for The Boss's Pet.

     This is my newest release and does NOT contain any bondage play. You have no idea how hard it was for me NOT to tie up my cowboys! It gives you all the erotic reading in a western setting. I hope you grab your copy, enjoy the book, and leave a review on your favorite website. When you do leave a review, email me the link and I'll put you in the drawing for a $25 gift card, picking a winner before Christmas!

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  1. I will be starting this book tonight

  2. left my review at good read here is the link for that http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/7823582-denise
    also on amazon as well ... could not copy that link but I was the first reviewer

    1. Just saw that! Thank you so much! You ROCK! Your name is in the drawing! I'll start a page where readers can leave a comment and their review link! Thanks again, hon! Muah!