Monday, March 31, 2014



Eleven Erotic Short Stories!
~ FREE ~

Welcome to all the smut lovers out there. We've decorated just for you! Come on in; see what all of the buzz is about. Grab some champagne at the bar and loosen up. The other authors are here some where. Leave a comment if you'd like.

 We're honored to be among the eleven authors who want to give back to their readers. We know all of you have seen this cover everywhere because we're excited to share with you. The best part is that the book is FREE...or meant to be. If it doesn't already show that way on Amazon, it'll SOON be FREE so do keep checking their website. You can help us by logging into Amazon and send them a link where you found it FREE so they know they need to change the book at their website. 
With that out of the way, we hope you'll click one of the links below to download your FREE copy. Filled with sizzling hot stories that'll stimulate more than your mind, we'd love it if you would leave an online review for us, use the share buttons below and help get the word out about the book. 

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  1. Just bought it from Amzon, I couldn't find it on any other site =(