Sunday, April 6, 2014

Can Master Buck find a submissive of his own?

 Master Buck

     You can meet Master Buck in the short story of Master's Email where he is hired to train submissives who need a more aggressive touch when it comes to making them learn what is expected of them. Other Doms have called on him when their subs refuse to obey or they aren't learning at a pace fast enough for them.
     Here, Alexis performs as instructed by her Master, who has placed cameras in every corner of his home in order to keep an eye on her no matter what she does or in what room. Watching her gives him a high that can't compare to anything and if another Dom is involved while he watches her being put through the paces, all the better. Colt knows that Alexis loves performing as much as he loves watching and she doesn't disappoint, although she may disobey on purpose, knowing she'll get spanked as soon as he gets home.
     Writing for a prominent BDSM magazine allows her to put her experiences into words for readers who crave the kinky bedroom antics she writes about. Her master is a professional at installing hidden cameras to spy on her 24/7 and he keeps recordings for them to watch when the need arises.
     Master Buck thoroughly enjoys his job and when he leaves each scene, the submissive is always on their best behavior from then on or they know he'll be called back for further instruction. Does he have his own submissive at home, waiting obediently for his return? Not at the moment, but if you choose to read book five, Under Her Command, from The Boss's Pet series, you will learn a little more about our Master Buck and what makes him such a good teacher.

     Master Buck is again called on to instruct disobedient submissives. You'll read about the tactics he uses to get the desired results and also what he hates about the business of being a Dom. One sub in particular receives a punishment no respected Dom would ever use on a precious submissive in his care. How far will Master Buck extend himself to protect the damaged woman and can he make her understand that not all Doms treat their submissive with such disregard? His heart has been protected for a long time and he's never let his feelings be seen by others. He's the strongest where his emotions are concerned and the thought of helping a broken female feel loved and secure might be just what he needs.
     I hope you enjoy both stories that show you more of the lifestyle and how the characters are more than pawns in a dark world of pain and obsession. The Boss's Pet series is a collection of five stories, so far, (book 1 is FREE) that show the progression of a Dom and his new submissive. Her entry into his lifestyle quickly becomes something of a journey she fully embraces. Book one and two came out before 50 Shades of Grey but I hope those readers will also find and enjoy this series. If you've enjoyed the books, I hope you leave a review online for others who love the kinky side of erotica. Thank you for stopping in.

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