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Erotic Romance from Melissa Love

Melissa Love
Erotic Romance

      Thank you for stopping in to meet Melissa! Get to know her via the interview I had with her and click over to visit her website. She'll be hanging around this week to answer any questions or comment you want to leave for her. We hope you enjoy this enough to use the share buttons at the bottom to notify your friends.

Tonya: Tell us about yourself and how many books you have written.

Melissa: I work full-time at a Hospital as an instrument Tech, I am a single mom of three wonderful teenagers. I have an on-line store where I make and sell wickless shaped candles. I love to read which turns my passion into writing. In 2002, I self –published three books before getting picked up by a publishing company. I still continue to self-publish just short stories.

Tonya: What is the name of your latest book and what inspired it?

Melissa: Love on Death Row is my latest book to come out. I got this idea from working in a female institution as a correctional officer in Virginia, and also while watching an episode of Lifetime Movie Network.

Tonya: Those jobs would give you several story lines, I'm sure! Do you write in multiple genres and if so, which is your favorite?

Melissa: I love to write in contemporary women and urban fiction.

Tonya: Readers enjoy hearing about our writing life. What are your writing habits and do you have any unusual ones?

Melissa: I write before I go to work and on my off day up to three hours.

Tonya: Describe your favorite type of reader.

Melissa: A reader who gets emotionally involved in my story. I love reading my reviews to read how in-depth and the detail-by-detail on how the book made them feel. Love it.

Tonya: Are you a reading author? How significant do you think it is for the author to read their own writing?

Melissa: I love to read and will read other authors’ books including other authors under the same publishing company that I am in. It’s very important because we know the words in our head sound great, but when it’s time to write them down, it comes off wrong.

Tonya: So true. If you were to co-write a book, what would it be about and with whom if you could pick any writer?

Melissa: Well, I did finish up co-writing a book with the women under the same publishing company. The name of that book is called Sorority Ties and with great reviews. I would love to co-write with Ashley Antoinette.

Tonya: What does your favorite review say?

Melissa: This is from Love On Death Row: “I love this book... Wow is all I can say... A page turner, a pager turner... I hate that she ended up like that because her life was pure hell... And her family... Ugh, they disgusted me so much... All her friends, sister, parents, his folks, ugh... This book is the bomb a must read!!!”

Tonya:  Readers' reviews can be of help to authors in a way of letting us know that we hit the mark with them or not. What are you working on now?

Melissa: I am working on a short story that is all about deceitful women as well as part 2 to Sorority Ties and another novel.

Tonya: What has been your most successful venture as a writer?

Melissa: Completing my novel, getting ideas and reading the reviews to let me know that all my writing wasn’t done in vain.

Tonya: What is your best method when it comes to promoting your books?

Melissa: I passed out post cards with the book cover and synopsis on it. Whenever I get an order from my Etsy store, I included a post card with my book information, as well as doing book and candle set giveaways via my blog, blog hops and Goodreads.

Tonya: Readers, you might want to stop by and find out how to enter her contests! You've written several books Melissa. What writing advice have you heard that has served you well?

Melissa: Market yourself first, don’t always try to push to sell your books. I post sample excerpt from my book on social media. Find groups and give input. A lot of people get turn off when you use the social media groups just to push your book, you have to be a part of the group.

Tonya: Great advice! Today we are celebrating the release of Love on Death Row. What would you like to tell readers about this book?

Melissa: This book brings light to domestic abuse in the upper class. I wanted to write something that everyone can relate and you don’t see many fiction books that center on this tough subject. I am loving the response it’s creating and that’s what I want readers to gain from reading this book.
Bio: Melissa Love began her love of writing since picking up her first urban fictional book in high school. She wanted to turn her love of reading into writing. In 2001 and 2002, she went the self-publishing route and published three books. She knew that self-publishing wasn't the route she wanted to take anymore, so she continued on to write more manuscripts until she was able to get signed with a major publishing company.
     Writing has become a way for her to be creative in telling compelling stories and memorable characters of lies and deceits. She is also a member of the Motown Writer Network, she is also writing an erotic novel. Her first book that she is going to self-publish is called A Christmas Day Surprise. She has her own online candles and body shop. Melissa currently resides in Detroit, Michigan with her two daughters.





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