Saturday, November 14, 2015

Get your blog entered into the hops!

Erotic Fantasies
Blog Hop
     Consider getting our blog included in the hops that are coming up soon. Buttons are on the right with links to join. Click on them and get started. Set up your post and be ready. Help us make these hops great for the participating hoppers! Thank you!
     Get readers to stop by your blog but also reward them with a give away of your own. There's a grand prize giveaway of SEVEN $25 gift cards HERE but you are in charge of getting your own giveaway organized on your blog post. What to give away? Readers love any amount on a gift card, e-books, jewelry, paperbacks, mouse pads, goodie bags (there's an addy on the left if you want to send your promo items to be included in other goodie bags!), pens, key chains, etc.


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