Monday, September 19, 2016

What's Erotic to YOU?

Four-Poster Beds?

     Yes, four-poster beds are erotic and I know I'm not the only person who thinks that. Besides being a beautiful piece of furniture, they serve several purposes and sleeping is only one of them. Perhaps that's part of what's wrong with the world these days. We don't spend enough time in bed, or relaxing for that matter. Our world is one of instant gratification in more ways than one. Sex and pleasure need to be done in a slow fashion so all parties are equally satisfied. If you disagree with that, you should stop reading now. This site isn't what you're looking for.
     Relax, take your time, give purpose to the pleasure you're giving your partner. Stop this need for receiving something instantly. Take time to relax, enjoy the pleasure and how you're being served. The body needs to work it's way to the warm-up level. We aren't instantly HOT....if you are, please leave a comment so we can all learn how that happens in an instant. I, for one, don't want to be instantly HOT because most of the pleasure is derived in the journey of getting to that point.
      Are four-poster beds erotic to you? They create an image in my mind that many people also envision and it involves all four posts. Leather and wood just go hand in hand, don't you agree? Or do I have the wrong image of a four-poster bed? Being spread out on that bed to entice your partner to come join you and relax is something more people need to take part in. Life is moving too fast in the world these days. The experience of sex should never be quick and instantaneous. I doubt you'd find many who would join you in a wam-bam-thank-you-ma'am type of foreplay.
      Things I find erotic are stilettos, soft leather, doe skin floggers, a bead of moisture slowly running down the side of a glass....or perhaps the side of one's face....mmmm. Being restrained could cause that...or nipple clamps, something else not used much anymore. At least no one discusses them. Should we take a vote? Click the LIKE button at the bottom if you've used them. I'm curious. I'd love to read comments on what YOU find erotic. So would our readers. Come on, you can do it. Leave your comment anonymous if you choose.
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  1. I've used nipple clamps, or should I say they have been used on me, and I find them delightfully painful.

    Some things that I find erotic are erotica stories, having a flogged used on me and restraints.

    Thanks, jenn