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Meet Erotic Author Kitty Fine!

Kitty Fine
Erotic Author

      Welcome to the my chat with Kitty! If you've not 'met' her before, be sure to stop by her sites, like her on FB and Tweet with her! Tomorrow she'll be her to answer questions from those who want to chat so please be sure to come back and visit
      Kitty Fine writes sex stories and erotica, getting inspiration from her own wild days and her naturally naughty mind. A former Catholic school girl, stripper and nympho, she aims to please with her bad girl sex stories and her vivid imagination. She writes hardcore erotic stories that make her readers as hot as she gets writing them.

Tonya:  Kitty, thanks for joining us! Readers love to know more about their authors. Tell us a bit about yourself.

Kitty:  Thank you for having me, Tonya. I live in the New York City area with my husband and cat. I’m a full-time author and self-publisher of erotica stories.
     My background is in business and marketing but I've always loved reading and writing. I’m new to writing erotica fiction, but not new to writing. I feel very lucky that I can use my unique mix of skills and interests to make writing and publishing my full-time "job."
     My writing and publishing is my day job. I left my marketing position a couple years ago and never looked back. Now that I own my own business as a writer and publisher, I couldn't be happier.

Tonya:  Congrats on making it all work for you! Some of us have things we do to get into the writing frame of mind like music, or drinks. Do you have anything special you do to get into the writing mood?

Kitty:  I like to be comfortable if I’m writing a lot. So I'll usually get a drink, like a coffee or something stronger depending on the time of the day. Even though I love music, when I’m writing I prefer silence. While I could write anywhere, I prefer space and alone time, especially when writing erotica. Normally, I'll write in my office at my desk. Sometimes I'll take my laptop to the living room, library or outside.

Tonya:  I do love to hibernate in my home office but yes, once in a while we need to move it to the living room. Where do you keep story ideas? Where do they come from?

Kitty:  My story ideas come from many different sources. Some are from my imagination mixed with real experiences, from others or myself. Some ideas are inspired from other creative works like other stories, movies or TV. And I daydream and brainstorm for different story ideas.
     I keep a lot of my story ideas in my head, but I do try to capture them in writing. I take notes on my computer on a daily to-do list, and also make lists with paper and pen.

Tonya:  If you’re self-published, can you tell us a bit about that and how it’s going for you?

Kitty:  My experience with self-publishing has gone greater than I could've imagined. I started about a year ago and honestly didn’t know if I would sell anything. However, I was so incredibly fortunate to gain readers, sales and great reviews right from the start. I knew within my first month that this could be my full-time income and focus. Since then, I've steadily added titles and experienced steady income and growth.

Tonya:  I love success stories! Are you a daytime writer, night time writer, and do you have to be alone to write?

Kitty:  I can be a daytime or nighttime writer depending on the day or week. While I don’t have to be alone to write, I prefer it so I’m not distracted during a long writing session. Although I can come up with ideas anywhere; I’ve scribbled down some great writing ideas on napkins while in noisy bars when I was in college. If I’m not writing at my desk in my home office, I could write in a library, bookstore or coffee shop.

Tonya:  What advice would you give to new authors?

Kitty:  Understand why you’re writing and go for it. What works for some writers won’t work for others, so find out what works best for you.
     Set realistic goals and do the work to get it done. Believe in yourself and your work. Allow yourself to experiment and fail because it's all part of the creative process. I think it’s common for artists to feel that their work never feels perfect or done. But the beauty of self-publishing today is that you can easily make changes anytime.
     It seems that many new authors are hesitant to publish their first work. Instead of spending years to make it "perfect," new authors should have the confidence and sense of urgency to release their title. Of course, the work should be edited as best as possible. But it's more important to remember that nothing is perfect, and as Steve Jobs said, “real artists ship.”
     Also, don't expect your first (or any) title to be a bestseller and to single-handedly provide a full-time income. Most successful authors have multiple titles published, so there is a back catalog for their readers.
     And have fun! I enjoy the creative process immensely, and I think that makes my readers enjoy my stories even more.

Tonya: Great advice! Do you write better when you first have an idea of what your characters look like or do you write, then add character looks?

Kitty:  It depends on the story. I prefer to dream up what the characters look like along with the storyline before I write. But sometimes the story is led by the erotic scenes or plot.

Tonya:  What attracts you most about men?

Kitty:  Great question. I love a confident, intelligent, sexy, funny and charming man. Great looks and personality, of course. And I admit that my romantic side also likes a kindhearted gentleman who would do anything in the world for the woman he cares about. Manly, rugged and sexy, but with a sensitive side so he understands me.

Tonya:  We’re dying to hear about your latest book. What can you tell us without spoiling the storyline?

Kitty:  My most recent short stories are the continuation of the Daddy's Girl series. In the fifth story, "DP Double Teamed by My Brother and Daddy Cop," Kim gets in trouble with the law. But when it turns out that it's her ex-stepbrother and ex-stepdad who come to her rescue at the local jail, her worst day may just turn into her best day.
     In the sixth story, "Billionaire Sugar Daddy Sex," Kim skips town to escape her financial stresses and the rumors from her escapades in jail. When her other estranged ex-stepdad invites her to visit him at his tropical luxury resort, she finds him to be incredibly wealthy, generous and sexy.  

Tonya:  Where can our readers find you and your books?

Kitty:  You can find me and my books on my website at

Tonya:  Is there anything else you want to tell our readers?

Kitty:  Remember to sign up for the free e-mail newsletter at my website. You'll get a free erotica short story, along with updates on my new releases.

Tonya:  Now for some fun questions. What is your favorite night time snack?

Kitty:  It completely depends on my mood so it could be anything. But usually it’s something like a little dark chocolate, a piece of fruit, or tortilla chips and hummus. Along with a drink, like a glass of red wine.

Tonya:  Do you like toppings on your ice cream?

Kitty:  Absolutely! I also like ice cream as a topping, like on a warm apple pie or on waffles. 

Tonya:  What’s your favorite meal - Italian, Mexican, Thai, etc?

Kitty:  I love all types of cuisines and dishes so it depends what I’m in the mood for. I usually have Mexican, American and Chinese food during the week. I also love Italian, Cuban, Thai, and Indian.

Tonya: Can you tell us a little about the Daddy’s Girl series?

Kitty:  The main character, Kim, is a young oversexed “daddy’s girl” who has a series of sexy adventures with her estranged ex-stepdads and stepbrothers.
     It’s one of my most popular series with pseudo-incest and older man younger woman themes. Currently, there are seven stories to the series: Daddy’s Girl books 1 to 6 and the prequel, “Losing My Virginity to My Best Friend’s Daddy.”

Excerpt from "DP Double Teamed by My Brother and Daddy Cop": 

I smile and lean against the holding cell bars, letting my skirt ride up farther.
      "Guess I should let her out then," Vinnie says with a grin, as his eyes linger a little longer on my legs.
      Ted turns around with bourbon and eyes me up and down.
      "No. I like her this way. Maybe we should punish her a little," says Ted teasingly.
      I gulp. Then I can't contain my naughty smile. I feel a surge of wetness in my panties, soaking my thighs.
      Vinnie stops for a second, unsure how to take his response, when Ted shoves a bourbon at him. "We're off duty as of five minutes ago, so cheers." They clink glasses and take a sip.
      "So you're just gonna keep me here like this?" I ask teasingly. I raise my arms up and push my body against the bars. My mini skirt is getting dangerously high.
      They sit back against the desks, now looking at me with their drinks in hand.
      "When was the last time you saw Kimmy anyway? Doesn't she look beautiful?" Ted said over his drink. He poured more and came over to give me an awkward sip.
      As Vinnie gulped back his drink, his eyes traveled up and down my body. "Uh, huh, she sure does. Uh, I mean, it's been a long time. Kimmy, you look great. All grown up."
      As the bourbon hit my belly, my stomach and pussy flooded with warmth. Damn, Vinnie looks hot in his uniform. So does Ted. They're both solid, firm, tall, and so sexy. I smile as my body wriggles around slowly against the bars, wishing it was them pressed up against me.
      "I think she wants more. Here, help her out," Ted shoves a glass to Vinnie.
      He slowly gets up and gets closer. "Guess it's easier if I just open the cell." He unlocks it and walks in. He gets close to me, and I close the distance so we're almost pressed against each other. Slowly, he lifts the glass to my lips.
       I stare into his deep brown, sexy eyes as I sip. Without breaking my gaze, I lick my lips.
       "Thank you," I purr. I see and hear him take a big gulp.      Ted moves into the cell. "I'll leave the door open, we can take the party into here."
I have a slight buzz but I'm not drunk or high. Just really excited. Pleasantly buzzed and incredibly turned on. But how was Vinnie going to handle this? Would he be open for this?
      "You know, I haven't thanked you boys in blue for coming to my rescue tonight. I'm sorry, and I really appreciate what you did for me."
      "Aw, that's alright," Vinnie replies a little bashfully. His young, boyish charm went well with his rugged, manly build.
      "And I don't want to get you guys in any trouble. So I'm willing to follow...protocol. Since I'm here, don't you normally do a search? Um, so they don't say you didn't search me for drugs?"
      I try to say it nonchalantly without a smirk or giggle. I turn to face Ted, and give him a little wink. He remembers our first strip search.
      I look at Vinnie and he looks frozen in place. Like he can't believe what I just said. I smile back at him sweetly.
      "You know, Kimmy's right. We could do that...just in case there are questions later."
      Vinnie stares at him, looking a little nervous.
      "In fact, you're the rookie. Why don't you conduct the search and I'll supervise."
      He slowly approaches me, as I open my legs and lean against the bars with my arms up, still handcuffed. He gets really close and his warm hand grazes my hip.
      "Uh, this okay for you, Kimmy?" he asks hesitantly.
      "Yes, Vinnie. I wanna see your searching skills," I purr back teasingly.
      His hands fall on my hips, gently patting around my stomach and hips. I try to contain my excitement but it makes me writhe around the bars a little.

* * *

      Thank you for stopping by! We love that you were here. Be sure to ask her questions - her readers want answers!!



  1. Kitty,
    How does your husband feel obout your writing? Do you ever publish your own adventures?

    1. Funnily enough, my husband doesn't know my pen name and hasn't read my erotica. Kitty is a private pen name as I prefer it that way, so none of my friends and family know. But he's been very supportive of everything and thinks it's pretty cool.

      Yes, I have published my own adventures in some of my stories. I think it's hard not to have some of your own experiences come out naturally.

      Thanks for asking!

  2. How do you handle, or do you hold, in-person engagements or signings?

    1. Since I keep my erotica pen name private, I don't hold any in-person engagements or signings. Perhaps I would if I release any non-erotica titles under my real name. Thanks, Patrick!

  3. For the novice writer, do you suggest releasing less than the best we can do? My concern is putting something iffy 'out there' and spoiling my reputation. Thanks!

    What is the cat's name?

    1. Darcy, I'd say that the novice writer shouldn't let fear hold her back. We all have them! The only way to get through it is to just do it. So I'd suggest that she set those goals and release her best work within a realistic deadline and number of edits. Your best will get better.

      I agree that quality is important, which is why you do your best. But my bigger concern is to NOT write and publish my work due to my own fear and worries. Nobody is perfect, but I don't think it has to ruin the overall story and experience. You'll see some some typos even in the biggest bestsellers, indie or traditional.

      And it's no longer a print world. With digital you can always come back to it and upload a better version and/or continue experimenting with new titles.

      Oh, and my cat's name is Max. Pretty common name but it fits him perfectly. :)

      Thanks so much for stopping by. Good luck with your writing, Darcy!

  4. Hi Kitty,
    I love all of your books that I have read so far. Just finish Billionaire Sugar Daddy Sex. Hot. keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you so much! It means SO much to me when I get such great feedback from my beloved readers! :) I really appreciate your words and feel so lucky to have the best "job" in the world! XXX

  5. Hi Kitty,

    Are all the stripper stories based on your own experience ?

    Enjoy your work.


    1. Hi Juanita,

      The stripper stories are semi-autobiographical, so yes, some (but not all!) parts are based on my own experiences. Thanks for stopping by!


  6. Kitty your the only author I know that stays in touch with their readers gives updates on the latest a good author to me is when you read ond novel and get hooked wets your appetite for more that's how I got hooked on your bundle collections thank you for taking the time to share how you get your passion for writing

    1. Tavari, thank you so much for your nice comments! I'm so happy to hear it. It's readers like you who warm my heart and make it even more rewarding. I appreciate all your support and kind words! And thank you for taking the time to stop by and comment!

  7. Kitty, thank you so much for being my guest last week! Our readers thoroughly enjoyed reading about you and your books. Congrats on so many releases and we all look forward to finding more of what you put out there for us!