Sunday, January 27, 2013

Anticipation...of a kiss...of a touch...


     The party is crowded with beautiful people; the lights are low, allowing you to watch others as they interact. She laughs at a comment someone makes during their conversation across the room while others converse around her. The neckline of her gown plunges low yet contains the voluptuous breasts to taunt those who care to peek. Dark hair cascades over her shoulders and you can almost feel the silken strands between your fingers. Tipping her champagne glass, her lips touch the rim as she takes in the wine and you know how it tingles on her tongue as you wonder about the softness of her lips.
     Wondering what her kisses would taste like does more to the body than we can imagine. The sensors kick in not just in the tongue as we wonder how hers would interact with ours but our inner muscles contract low in our bodies. Our heart beats a bit faster as we wet our lips in anticipation of tasting her.
     You guess as to whether she's open to a menage and would your husband be shocked at your suggestion? Would she let you touch her after you told her to clasp her fingers behind her back while you teasingly explore with your fingers? Ever so lightly you'd trail a fingertip down the slender column of her neck and hear her take in a breath as she tries to resist a visible reaction. The warmth of her body flows through your fingers as they move over the mound of her breast and slip beneath the plunging neckline of her gown.

     Again, your body betrays you as the fluids begin to seep at imagining her in your bed, displayed for your pleasure as you play out a scene before your husband. She wouldn't be allowed to touch either of you yet, only enjoy what you let her experience. Her outstretched arms must stay there, her eyes must remain open and connected with yours; she's not yet allowed to show any reaction to your touch until you give her permission.
     A warm, moist breath touches your neck as your hair is moved to the side. "A penny for your thoughts..."
     You gaze into sultry eyes. It's your husband and his eyes beg to know what you're thinking.

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  1. wow Tonya I have read your books .. which are great I am still waiting to see If there is more to the boss series .. and wow the pic is hot .. Of course the story make you hot as well ...

  2. Great short story. lol I want more! Thanks for sharing!!

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  4. Wow! That was hot!

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