Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Spanking Benches....Are they for YOU?

The Spankmeister
Designed by Bunswitcher

     Imagine, for just a moment, that you DO want to climb up there and put yourself on display so you can feel what it might be like to be so vulnerable...even for a few minutes. Think about it...there are knee and ankle restraints to keep you spread wide for inspection, the wrist and arm restraints would stop you from protecting your ass from a paddle or flogger and there's even be a neck/head restraint to keep you in place...in addition to the ball gag you'd be wearing. If you visit his site, you'll see the face mask that is available! mmmmm....ttsssss!

     Now imagine more than one Master standing behind you because He's invited three or four other Doms in for his training session! They'll be learning how to instruct you in the art of humiliation and the ability to use it to their advantage. After all, you ARE his to do with as he pleases.

      Should he decide to use it as punishment or just to show off how obedient you are, you must understand that the control is NOT yours. You gave up control when you agreed to the relationship. Check your contract. What?? You don't have one? We'll discuss that at a later time but know...it is something you need to consider between you and your Master so there's no confusion of what he's allowed to do to you. Later on, we'll also be discussing humiliation and how that plays into the mind games of the Dom/sub relationship.

     Visit Bunswitcher's website so you can get a closer look at how soft and supple that leather is. He's taken a lot time in the design of The Spankmeister so as to display his submissive to his advantage. Straps are placed in specific areas to keep the submissive exactly where he wants them, be they male or female, hence the nice cut out on the hip rest!

      There's also a link to check out Eva's Evil toys! Have fun, leave your comments and perhaps the Bunswitcher himself will stop in to comment. Thank you all for stopping by and I do realize not all of you will comment due to being so shy - you really must get over that, hon. Okay, who's first to climb up there and submit to the humiliation lesson?

Enjoy my lil smut lovers! 


  1. That's a very fine description, Tonya. I hope your readers get as much pleasure from the Spankmeister as I do. I welcome any inquiries about it.

    One clarification: my name is Bunswitcher; the bench itself is The Spankmeister. I'm continually refining the design. I like to tell people that the bench I'll sell you is better than the ones I was making a year or so ago but not as good as the ones I'll be making a year or so from now. But since that will always be true, there's not much point in waiting for a better design.

    My philosophy is that a spanking bench should be comfortable even for long sessions. Discomfort caused by pressure points and muscle strains distracts from the intensity of the spanking experience.

    And from the standpoint of the Top, a nicely presented and totally immobilized ass is a joy to behold.

  2. Thank you, Sir! I stand corrected and will make the post changes. I do appreciate you stopping by to chat with readers. Personally, I think this would be a great addition to anyone's 'dungeon'!

    Readers, feel free to leave a comment for Bunswitcher! Do you find his benches of interest to you? Would you love one in your 'dungeon'? I could envision many fun session on this piece of equipment, for sure!

    Again, thank you, Sir, for stopping by!

  3. Hi Tonya,
    my problem wouln't be spanking it would be that i'm so short i doubt i could get on the damn thing! as for the humiliation, if your allowing yourself to be spanked by your Dom in a public place, then it kind of goes with the territory doesn't it?

    i love comeing to your site, never a dull night. LOL!

    tammy ramey

  4. Thank you for the good info. My wife (sub) and I are fairly new to this. She never realized how hot and horny a good spanking would make her, til we tryed it about a year ago. Since then, we have incorporated it into our regular routine, and do it at least 8-10 times weekly. There are many times I get home from work, and she greets me at the door, naked, with crop and paddle in hand, and has me spank her. Simetimes she has an orgasm, if it goes longer than 15 min.

    It is time we invest in a good bench, I love my sub to be comfortable.

    Greg, (dom)

  5. Hi. I am very into spanking as an adult. Got spanked by both parents up to 16. Always on bare ass. Always made me horney after. Never been on a real spanking bench but have been spread eagle over a weight bench,oil tank,chair and the cross which feared me at first then it was hot. Ken

  6. I would love to be fastened to such a beautiful piece of furniture!