Saturday, March 2, 2013

Cowboys and trouble in Jackson Hole!

Come Tame Me!

     As I'm writing this erotic western, I'm having fun imagining the places where my characters will be and some of the people they may run across as they move through my stories. There will be a series of  books in my 'Wild Fillies' series and I'm looking forward to writing them.
     I think this interior image will fit perfect into the ranch that Cassi will be visiting while she's in Jackson Hole meeting with an attorney. The shocking news she receives angers her yet surprises her at the same time and no...I'm not telling you what that news is! But isn't this a gorgeous home? Fit for a rich rancher who shares what he has ...just not with those close to him.
     Now how about a few of the ranch hands Cassi will come across when she steps foot into the bustling city of Jackson Hole Wyoming.

     He could easily be one of the ranch hands living in the bunk house at her father's ranch. Her friend, Dani, is going with her to check out the wild west and is she in for a few surprises of her own! Click over to read Chapter One of Come Tame Me...I hope it sets the stage for the release and makes you all want more of what's to come for my Wild Fillies!

For those who like to visit the story locations, 
I've included a few links for you.


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