Sunday, January 9, 2011

Another excerpt from the Prequel to The Boss's Pet: The Contract

Thank you all for your continued interest in the prequel to my first book. I just wanted you to get to know the characters a little better and how they both got to where they were in Office Training. I love to read short enticing excerpts so I'm guessing you do to with the number of hits I'm getting in a short period of time. Again, thank you!

Let's meet the characters again, naughty Nick and sexy Sondra:

Nick is the oh so hot owner of his investment firm and money is no longer an issue with him. He can travel to wherever he has a mind to! Now let's consider his mind, we'll get to his body later. Nick has found a niche in the bondage world that satisfies him sexually, he just needs to find that perfect mate who enjoys some of the same extremes as he does. Exploring the female anatomy will always be his hobby but he likes to find the right buttons to push that will send his partner over the edge or into the stars.

Sondra knows she works too much and that's what cost her the last love of her life. Moving beyond that point hasn't been easy for her so she's immersed herself in her work and getting the best returns for her investment clients. Settling into her new office at Nick's company has been more than a pleasure for her. She loves her office location and Nick is around all the time. He watches her quite often when he thinks she isn't looking but Sondra doesn't miss much; she isn't going to be his typical employee, but I can't spill all the secrets here! Sondra likes adventure and is open to trying new things but is she ready for Nick?? Stay tuned!

Short Excerpt:

“Can I get you another whiskey on the rocks, Nick?” Opening the cupboard, she pulled down a glass for her and peeked around the cabinet door at him. 

He loved the way she raised her brow when she asked him a question. Damn! “Sure, that sounds great, Sondra. Thanks. You’ve got a nice place here.” Nick slipped off his jacket, draped it over the back of a chair and began rolling his sleeves up to his forearm as he walked into the kitchen with her. Standing behind her, he placed his hands on the counter, one on each side of her and placed his nose in her hair. “You smell fantastic, Ms. Prentice...”  He moved her hair away from her neck and his tongue barely touched her skin. “Mmmmm....and you taste even better.”
 To his surprise, she tipped her head, offering more of her neck and he needed no further invitation. His lips connected with her flesh, his tongue tasted her, wanting more and to his surprise, she turned toward him. Her arms went around his waist, her hands touched his back and he leaned back slightly to look at her. Green eyes gazed at him filled with a need only he could satisfy. His hands tenderly cupped her face and pulled her closer as his mouth took hers; the hunger of her kiss surprised him. Her nails lightly raked up his back as their tongues tangled and his fingers wove through her hair, pulling her deeper into their kiss.
A moan escaped her throat as her tongue swirled over his.
Her hands moved down his back until they cupped his ass, pulling his hips against her own. She gently rocked against him.
His fingers gripped her hair and pulled her closer then one of his hands moved down her back while the other craddled her head. One more sweep of his tongue through her mouth and he pulled back, taking in a deep breath. Their foreheads touched but he didn’t release her.
He lightly touched her lips with his once more. “Wow...I didn’t think I needed you that badly.”
Her foot caressed the top of his. “I was afraid you wouldn’t want to come in for a drink tonight.”
He hugged her close has her lips touched his neck. “Keep that up and we won’t be having our drink...” He gently grabbed a handful of her hair and tipped her head back so he could look into those green eyes. “....or is that your intention?”
Sondra’s eyes narrowed a bit with that sexy look she gave him at the office. “I usually follow through with my intentions but not just yet. Let’s finish our drinks and talk about this ‘business trip’ first.”

Trust me, this gets a lot hotter and much more happens that will pull these two into a wonderful relationship! Stay tuned.....*wink*

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