Thursday, January 13, 2011

BookBuzzr Read

I've moved my BookBuzzr Read to the left side rather than make my readers scroll to the bottom because in time, you'd have to scroll too far. I hope you enjoy reading those pages enough to want your own copy. Further down the posts, you'll find a few excerpts from the prequel that will soon be available for FREE! Now what's better than free! I want you to get to know Nick and Sondra better, then you'll want to know more about their adventures in upcoming releases of The Boss's Pet!

Thank you for stopping in to read and please share my links with your friends! I'd love for them to hop over and check out the BookBuzzr link! Oh, by the way, those of you who have read it in the past have helped me be in the #1 spot of most read more than a few times, so thank you for that! *muah*

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