Sunday, January 16, 2011

Men - we know you're lurking so leave us a comment...

We all realize this isn't proper office attire but...since this is MY office space and only My Boss has the key, who'll know what I wear to the office! are dying to know your thoughts on a few things. I don't want to ruffle feathers here but we want to see inside your mind and how it works. Okay, we know how it works because we know you are visual beings and we love that about you but we want to know your thoughts on what YOUR woman should receive...if at all?

I'm sure there are more than a few of you out there who think women are here to serve and that's receiving, no pleasure, no fun. If you're one of those guys, I'm glad you're not my man because that is the furthest thing from his mind. For those who DO think that way, we want to know WHY you think a woman doesn't deserve to feel the swell of an orgasm, or the loving touch of her partner it that you just don't consider her emotions, feelings and joy as important as your own?

You love for us to touch you, taste you, want why do you feel you don't need to convey that to your partner? You want her around for sex and that's it? Do you ever catch her watching you? Do you ever wonder that she might be fantasizing about the things she'd LOVE for YOU to be doing to HER? Because we DO think that but some are not as strong as others to come out and speak what we want you to do to us. We assume you already know because of what you like us to do to you. Am I getting through to any of you?

We need you, want you, love you, but....your partner also needs to know you feel the same rather than just using them to pleasure yourself. Here's a challenge guys...can you pleasure your partner and watch the joy they experience without also needing to be pleasured...once in a while? Do they know that? Try that experiment and come back here to let us know how it turned out. How did it make you feel to know you allowed them to experience such a high peak of pleasure? Get a LITTLE kinky! It's okay!!

We're lurking out there now because we want to know your thoughts!!


  1. Okay. Here it is. I’m a guy. I write erotica with Brenda Woody, who can attest to what I say. When we wrote “Best Lover in Town” it was at the beginning of our relationship. We used the writing and research to learn about each other. I’ve always been a woman pleaser; finding it hard to allow Brenda to please me. I take great pleasure in seeing the woman lose control and taking them to the “next level”. Normally, the man stops when their hands get a little wet, where I prefer to continue until the bottom comforter gets soaked with sweat and love juices. The hardest thing I have to remember is to allow Brenda enough time to do whatever she wants to me before we both collapse from exhaustion.

    The biggest tip I can offer to anyone is sex doesn’t have to start in the bedroom. Little pats, looks, and signs of affection start much earlier. Get the thought process started during the day to make for a wonderful time throughout the night.

  2. Steve, thank you for such a wonderful post. Every woman will be jealous of Brenda! *wink*

    As a writer, I wish every woman could experience that type of joy from her partner but we know that isn't the case. Women need to be unafraid to ask for what or how they want to be treated. I hope through our writing we can help one or two more women become more assertive in what they want from their partner!

    Thanks again for commenting, Steve. Brenda...hang on tight, he's a keeper, already know that!

  3. Tonya...I think you have a really fun blog. You go, girl!

  4. Cara, thanks for popping in! Gotta keep the posts interesting, no?? LOL I'm looking forward to your visit with us next Monday!