Saturday, July 9, 2011

Interview with Nick Carrington - The Boss!

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My interview at Brenda & Steve's site:

Thank you for stopping by to meet Nick Carrington, The Boss in my series! He's handsome, a proper gentleman and his eyes will undress you before you even know it!  Psst...I'm not sure I could work in the same office with a man this handsome!

Tonya:  Nick, thank you so much for being with us today. I know you're a workaholic but that really isn't good for a man to lock himself away like that. You poor thing, you need down time to stay balanced!

Nick:  *loosening his tie* My firm is growing by leaps and bounds. Although that's a good thing, it makes for too many hours hunched over my desk at the computer. I have to stay up on the market changes because my clients depend on me to know what's happening in case they want to change their investment strategies. In turn, that takes away from my time at home and unfortunately, makes for an unhappy wife at home, which is why I no longer have one. I can't blame her; I work horrendous hours.

Tonya:  So what does a busy man do for down time when you DO take it?

Nick:  I enjoy being at home where it's quiet. My property is surrounded by woods and only the driveway is visible from the highway. It's peaceful out on my back patio by the pool and hot tub; it's a great place for entertaining, I'm just not there enough to do that. Someday I'd like to find a woman who can make it more fun to be at home and share the luxuries with.

Tonya:  I bet you have muscles knotted all over you then. I know someone who could help you with that! *wink* Finding good office help can't be easy but I understand you've recently hired an office manager, correct?

Nick: *giving me a huge sexy smile* I have. Sondra Prentice is more than qualified to run my office while I take care of business. She did bring a substantial book of business with her. Those clients didn't want to stay with the new owner of her prior firm so needless to say, I was happy to help her with that. Her husband also didn't like the long hours our profession requires and he found someone else to occupy his time with. I think Sondra will fit in well with her management skills and she's already helping to encourage the sales staff I have, not to mention her marketing ideas. I've just not had time to do that myself and to pay someone to do that as an outside source is very expensive. Perhaps now I can redirect my funds to help with inside sales, we'll see.

Tonya:  Do you find it difficult to concentrate on the markets with a beautiful woman in the office? I think that would be a bit of a distraction.

Nick:  I can't lie, she has been but it's a nice distraction! She keeps me in line though. I've tried to get her to date but she keeps me at a distance. I get a few lunches with her but that's it. She's a tough cookie! Now there's a smart woman...she studies the markets, has a knack for what's happening on Wall Street and her confidence in what she can do for her clients is amazing. You don't find that in a beautiful woman very often. Sondra has it all!

Tonya:  Is it a bad thing for a woman to be beautiful and smart?

Nick:  Not at all! I find that very attractive and especially if she knows what she wants out of life. Sondra does and she doesn't take shit from any man from what I've seen. So I find her a huge challenge. She's refused to go out with me very often and I need to find a way to break through her walls because she does have them pretty high.

Tonya:  I'm sure she's done that for a reason. Most women protect their hearts that way. Do you think she's playing hard to get on purpose? Not many men can handle a strong woman who is used to getting what she wants WHEN she wants. I take it that appeals to you?

Nick: Sondra isn't necessarily playing hard to get as much as she's protecting her heart but that's just my opinion. She's very private and doesn't spend time with her co-workers outside the office. Now for your last question...strong women DO appeal to me, especially those who are used to getting what they want WHEN they want it. That's not being spoiled, it's just knowing HOW to get what you want and Sondra knows how to do that. The challenge will be in helping Sondra to realize that by turning some of that control over to me, she could experience so much more in life. *wink*

Tonya: I sense that you aren't referring to normal wants and needs of a woman but you're going much deeper than that. Care to explain further for our curious minds out there?

Nick:  Not at all. I enjoy a life style that I don't share with many people but since I find you so appealing, I'll share a bit with you...if you keep it to yourself. It's a challenge for me to make a woman realize that once she trusts me she can learn that I know what's best for her in certain have to let go of wanting to control when and where you receive certain pleasure. When you don't have to worry over that and just relax your 'mind' to accept pleasure and submit to what is being done to you, it becomes quite satisfying.

Tonya:  I'm guessing not just any woman off the street would appeal to you for this type of fun.

Nick:  No. A strong, secure woman knows in her heart where she stands in life and has a good self-esteem. Being able to submit to someone else and allow them to be in charge takes a lot of control with the mind. One can submit without being a slave to another and feeling beat down, because if one doesn't have a strong self-esteem, that type of life style is all wrong for them, although it can be taught but that road takes a bit longer. I don't have that kind of time.

Tonya:  *squirming in my seat as my thoughts begin to wrap around exactly what he's referring to*  So I'm guessing you enjoy being in charge and helping others learn what's best for them?

Nick:  My life style has never come into the office nor does anyone there know I live a different way in some aspects of my life, but that may be changing. Sondra has a sexual attraction that I can't seem to ignore. *Nick eyes me intently* I also think you'd be great at turning your control over to me, what do say?

Tonya:  Me? Oh no, I don't think I could ever do that. I like being in  control.

Nick:  Well, in a way you would be. We'd agree to let you control, to a point, how far I could go with you.

Tonya:  Um......Nick, I think we're out of time but would you agree to come back for another interview, maybe in a few months when perhaps you've been able to convince Sondra to have a few more dinner dates with you?

Nick: *he laughs at me* I'd love to return but not sure I'd be willing to share what goes on between Sondra and I! *wink*  Thank you for having me. I've enjoyed talking with your viewers and hope they leave a comment or question for me. I'd love to interact with them!

Tonya: Readers, you heard it! Feel free to leave a comment for Nick. He'll get to you as soon as he can and no, you can't take him home but he may be looking for an office assistant or two! Be sure to check out book three in the series which is out now and available at All Romance eBooks, B & N, Amazon and several other online ebook stores.


  1. What a fun interview!

    Nick sounds wonderful (and hot)

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by! So many of you have popped in to read about Nick and Sondra and I appreciate it! I hope I've done my job and now you just have to read to find out what goes on with them's a FREE read so go grab you copy now!

  3. Nick sounds delicious! Gonna be downloading this one asap!

  4. Ahhh Nick; those eyes and his body. Tonya, were you sitting on a pad or did you bring extra thongs?? LMAO I was pleased to see you included your interview from our blog.(Hugs) I just happen to stop by because I was leaving your info on another blog - for suggested hot, steamy must reads.(Smiles) Here on Lisa Matthews blog - My comment is awaiting approval, but check over there in a few days. Love ya (Muah)