Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Book tour promo for Sharing Among Friends

Thank you all for stopping by so often to see what's happening on my blog. I hope you're also hopping over to my website. I update the links you can hop to see don't forget to check out those pages, too.

My calendar is on my website for you to see where I might be on any given day for a tour or guests on MY blog. I'll be out and about in August and September for my book blog tours for book three. Hop over and chat with us for the interviews and get yourself into the drawings by leaving a comment on the interviews. See you there. 

BOOK TOUR CONTEST: To enter, hop over to my website for more info! Don't miss out on getting your name in the hat for a gift card!

If you've not bought your copies of my books yet, you can read the first chapter of each one by clicking the BookBuzzr links on the left and watching my book trailer for the series. For those who HAVE bought my books, I sincerely hope you enjoyed them and that they inspired your bedroom play! You are who I write for. If my stories can help push your sex buttons, mission accomplished. Thank you for buying my work and I hope you're anxiously awaiting the next book release.

I hope to have book four out by October or November so check back often. I've not started it yet and am not sure if it will continue in Palm Springs for one more book or move to another city. We'll see, but you can be sure it will press your buttons once again! Leave a comment and let's chat about it!

Thank you so much for your support! I do plan to start a newsletter also. Click on the poll on the right if you're interested. Only eleven are interested so that enough to do a newsletter for? YES it is if they are eager for what I post in the newsletter! Leave a comment and let's chat! I love to hear from you, but love that some of you just pop in and not's okay, you're still reading here!

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