Friday, July 8, 2011

Author Interview - Elle Hayes - Erotic Romance Author-Day 5

Elle Hayes - Day 5

My debut novel Wynter’s Blossom is scheduled 
to be released later this month so here are ten 
reasons why everyone should get their copy:

A baby that will melt your heart strings.
An old geezer named Pop who will make you laugh out loud at his antics.
A female wolf finding her place in a male dominated pack.
An enduring love story you’ll want to reread.
It’s the first in a series and you always remember your first.
Have you seen the cover???
A heroine not afraid to stand up for herself.
A hero who’s an Alpha with a heart.
Hot werewolves that bite (if you’re lucky).
Hot sex…REALLY hot.
Tonya:  Elle, thank you so much for sharing your book and your characters with us. I know you've ended up on several TBR lists and they can't wait for the release of your first book so they can grab the first book in the series. We all wish you luck in your writing and look forward to hearing from you again when the next book is release so stay in touch!

Elle: Tonya, thanks so much for having me and introducing me to your readers and visitors. I've had fun being here all week and would love to return when my next book is ready!

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  1. Bring on the hot sex! ps I don't care if Jayha has done it already, dibsing Wyn. He sounds terribly yum!