Monday, July 4, 2011

Author Interview - Elle Hayes - Erotic Romance Author

Happy 4th of July!!

     Thank you for stopping in on this special day! With so many barbeques happening, we appreciate that you took the time to come see us! This week I have the honor to present to you a new author, Elle Hayes, and her first book is being released soon!She will have a special blog each day so please come back! Elle, welcome to my blog and you are in charge! 

Salute To My Favorite American Heroes

Elle Hayes

       Like most lovers of romantic fiction I crave heroes that I can lose myself in and heroines that I can identify with in some way.  One of my favorite types of hero is the one sporting a uniform.  Policemen, firefighters and my personal favorite: military men.  I proudly admit that I’m partial to the military hero.  The brash Navy Seal, the cocky Air Force Airman, the risk taking Army Paratrooper, the always vigilant Coast Guard Petty Officer or the tough-as-nails Marine.  I’m married to a retired Airborne soldier, I have a brother who’s retired from the Marines and friends who have been in the Air Force and Navy.  The only branch that I haven’t been personally connected to is the Coast Guard.

       These all-American heroes come in all sizes and because the USA is such a melting pot of rich cultures every nationality is represented.  They continue to put their lives on the line defending our freedoms and our shores.  Yet they are often the most unsung among heroes.  My hope is that you will take time today to remember the real American heroes who are unable to be with their families this Independence Day.

If you’re hungering for a steamy romance with a military hero try these:

Killer Secrets by Lora Leigh
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Some Kind of Wonderful by Dahlia Rose
The Soldier by Rhonda Nelson
Trey: Red, Hot & Blue by Cat Johnson
Home for Christmas by Jodi Olson

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  1. Thanks for the mention Ella. Great Blog pos, love reading about men in uniform too.

  2. Great interview and fabulous recommendations for books-
    Dawne P

  3. Hi everyone and thanks for taking time out of your family day to stop in and chat with Elle!

    Elle, have a great few days here!