Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Character Interview - Sarah Erickson by Elle Hayes

      On a recent trip to the Unity Pack compound in Montana, I was able to interview the packs Alpha Wynter Grey and his mate Sarah Eriksson.  Today I’m excited to share my chat with Sarah.  Enjoy!

Elle:  Hi Sarah, thank you for agreeing to speak with me.

Sarah:  Hey Elle, no problem.  We love having you visit.

Elle:  Okay, I promise to keep this short, sweet and painless.

Sarah:  Thanks.  Summer’s a little cranky today.  She’s got a tooth coming in.

Elle:  First, are you excited about the upcoming release of Wynter’s Blossom?

Sarah:  I’m excited but I’m also really nervous.  There are some very personal things about my life in this book.  I’m normally a private person so allowing the whole world into my life is scary.

Elle:  I imagine being scared around a werewolf pack is dicey?

Sarah:   (Chuckles) You have no idea.  Wyn is so edgy right now because he can scent the smell of my fear.  All of my pack mates can, but I think they can also sense my determination.

Elle:  Why are you so determined to have this story told?

Sarah:   First, because I want other victims of violent crimes to know that there is life after the crime if you’re brave enough to grasp it.  Second, I want the lone wolves out there to know there is a place for them here.  That was the vision behind Unity and I want to do my part to make that vision a reality.

Elle:   So you think tapping into the book buying population will help?

Sarah:  Absolutely!  Especially now with the popularity of e-books.  There’s also a third consideration (Sarah pauses to look out across the back yard where Wyn is entertaining Summer).  The modern world is quickly changing.  The internet and social media have exploded.  It use to be easy to hide the existence of werewolves .  I don’t think it will be so easy going forward.  Maybe it will soften the blow if humans have a chance to see that modern werewolves struggle with a lot of the same issues that they do…that they are mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, sisters and friends.

Elle:  Do you really think just telling the stories of Unity’s pack members is enough?

Sarah:  I don’t know, but it’s a start and it’s better than having no chance at defending ourselves or managing our own image.

Elle:  You sound like a PR guru selling a how-to book.  What’s next, a website?

Sarah:  Shhh!  Wyn would kill me if he heard that.  But yeah, I can see that happening.  Maybe you can help me with it?

Elle:  You’d only have to ask!

**Come back tomorrow for my interview with Wynter. 


  1. This is a hot interview. A candid look at the character, not just the author. I love it! Thanks Elle and Sarah

  2. Elle, great interview with Sarah. These type of chats give the character more persona. Tonya has interviewed her characters and so has Liz Borino. Ummm, maybe Steve and I should invite a few of our characters out of the pages. :)
    Hi Tonya (waving).