Friday, December 3, 2010

More in the series of The Boss's Pet

Join me in the hot springs for a bit and let's chat. I'd like to let you know a bit more about what I have planned for our future. I hope you're looking forward to future installments of The Boss's Pet. I plan a few a more books so you can follow sondra and her Master to see just what He might have planned for her.

He's anxious to show her off to a few other Masters to watch their partners get to know one another. There's a few important 'meetings' he has to attend and her presence will be required. Perhaps she'll turn the restraints on him and see how good of a submissive He can be, even if for an hour or two. That might be fun, eh ladies?

I can take these two to many different places and I don't just mean locality-wise! *wink* Sondra is a stong woman, but just how strong we have yet to find out! There are parties that might become a bit more wild than one would think or they might become new friends with a few couples who enjoy broadening their horizons, among other things! Oh, am I bad? I'll try not to use too many puns but hey...YOU thought them, I just wrote an idea! A training conference could end up teaching sondra enough to show off more of her talents and she loves making her Master proud.

Sondra attracted her Master because of her confidence with clients and her knowledge of the investment world but the attraction seems to have gone a bit....deeper than they expected. Her employment certainly added to the assets of his firm. She has the ability to gain the trust of new acquaintances and he loves how she can form a relaxing relationship with just about anyone she meets. She has the power of attraction that he's not seen in a woman in a long time.

Her Master also has a few more lessons for sondra. He loves that she is such a strong female as it takes a special woman to understand the lifestyle they've chosen. Respect is of the utmost importance as well as trust. Meeting others who indulge is something that may not be spoken of in the vanilla circles of life so one has to be wary when meeting others at parties.

Then again, if you're looking for a special gathering, you might just find a weekend party can tweak your curiosity! ooopps....there  I go again. But I think you like a tweak here and there or you wouldn't continue to return to my blog.

In the future, I will certainly make the adventures for these two heat up the pages. Stay tuned here for information on when the next installment will be released.

Muah! Thank you for visiting and to those who choose to follow. I don't take your readership lightly.