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Kelly Jamieson - Erotic Romance Author

 Kelly Jamieson
Erotic Romance Author

And the winner is:

Lolarific!! Congratulations!

Enjoy your e-book!

     Grab your favorite drink and come have a seat by the fire with us. Today's author has many books to her credit and when you visit her beautiful website, you'll find all of them there! If everyone is comfy, we'll get started.

     Kelly Jamieson lives in Winnipeg, Canada with her husband, two teenage children and sucky lap dog, who thankfully lets her cuddle because her kids won’t anymore. Since her life as a working mother is so ordinary, she started making up stories about the neighbors, much to the concern of her family. She then decided to start inventing characters and writing stories. She loves reading, cooking, gardening, shoes, and especially writing about love.

Tonya:  Kelly, you SO the 'Sweetheart Next Door'! Look at that innocent smile! Readers love to know more about their authors. Tell us a bit about your writing career.

Kelly:  Hi Tonya and thank you so much for having me here! Readers, thank you for stopping in to learn about my books! I write sexy contemporary romance and I’m published primarily with Samhain Publishing and Ellora’s Cave. Some of my books are straight contemporary romances, although always pretty hot, others are erotic. I have a number of ménage stories and some with BDSM themes. But all my stories have a sweet, satisfying love story. A bit about me...well, I write romance because I love love. I’m a romantic and a total sucker for a love story. But more about me coming up!

Tonya:  Do you have a day job?

Kelly:  I do. *silence*.  At work nobody knows about my writing and I don’t talk about it, and in my writing life I don’t talk about my day job. I will say I’m a manager at an insurance company and leave it at that. I basically lead a “double life”!

Tonya:  But isn't the double life so much fun? There are days my husband doesn't know which woman he lives with too! Some of us have things we do to get into the writing frame of mind like music, or drinks. Do you have anything special you do to get into the writing mood?

Kelly:  I really don’t! I’m in a writing mood pretty much most of the time, which actually can be a problem when I have other things I need to do like cooking meals and cleaning the house and going to the day job. I don’t usually write to music because I find lyrics distracting, but there are times where I need “mood music” for a particular scene and I will listen to a few songs over and over again.
     In my book Power Shift, in one of the sex scenes there’s music playing in the background, so I made a small playlist that I played over and over while writing that scene. In a recently completed story, I had the couple dancing in a club and I wanted to describe the music so I listened to dance tunes. Then I needed a slow song for them to dance to. I found a song by L’il Wayne called How To Love, and when I listened to the lyrics, the song was exactly the heroine’s story I was telling! After that, I kept listening to it when I wrote the book, it did set the mood for that story, and I actually titled the book How To Love – that’s exactly what the book is about.

Tonya:  I have to agree that lyrics can be distracting. Instrumental music is what I listen while I write, if I have music on. Do you have a card file where you keep story ideas? Where do they come from?

Kelly:  Heh. It’s a file but not anything as neat and organized as cards. I often get ideas from newspaper or magazine articles so I have a HUGE folder of pages ripped from magazines and newspaper clippings. And I have a folder on my thumb drive called “Ideas” where I save little snippets of things I see on the internet.

Tonya:  Have you thought about self-publishing?  Can you tell us a bit about that and how it’s going for you?

Kelly:  I’m not self-published yet, but I’m in the process of self-publishing one of my previously published books that I got the rights back to. I thought this would be a good way to dip my toe in the waters, so to speak, since the book was already edited (although I did further revisions; I discovered I’ve learned quite a few things in the three years since that book was written!). It is a LOT of work. Whether I’ll do it again...we’ll see how this one does. It’s a Christmas story, so watch for it soon!

Tonya:  Self-publishing IS a lot of work and each site has their own formatting rules but I love it. I guess one could call it a love/hate relationship! Are you a daytime writer, night time writer, and do you have to be alone to write?

Kelly:  I write whenever I can. I have the aforementioned day job and a family which has to come first. So I squeeze in an hour of writing on my lunch break some days; weekends; some evenings, although those are often taken up with writing “business” like emails, blogs, cover art forms, a little social networking. I have every other Friday off the day job and that’s when I can really get a lot done! When the family is around, it never fails that I’ll be in the middle of writing a sizzling hot sex scene when my son has to tell me the dog just barfed on the couch or my daughter has to tell me something funny that happened at school. Yeah, that doesn’t work so well.

Tonya:  I totally understand about working around a day job. Do you write better when you first have an idea of what your characters look like or do you write, then add character looks?

Kelly:  I need to know what they look like before I write.

Tonya:  We’re dying to hear about your latest book. What can you tell us without spoiling the storyline?

Kelly:  My most recent release is One Wicked Night. Wow, I loved writing this story. I love all three (yes, three) characters. Here’s what it’s about:

The boys are back in town…
      Ten years ago, Kaelin Daume spent a steamy summer home from college secretly hanging out with town bad boy Tyler Wirth and his best friend Nick Kernsted. The connection was warm, complicated, and came to a crashing end when she walked in on her two forbidden friends with another woman. The shocking scene of sex and bondage has haunted her boring, oh-so-vanilla life ever since.
      The fallout from that night tore Tyler’s life apart. He left Mapleglen, disowned and disgraced, to build a successful advertising career and a unique relationship with Nick. Nothing could bring him back except his sister’s wedding, and he plans to hightail it back to Chicago as soon as it’s over. At least one good thing hasn’t changed: Kaelin is as sweet as ever. Except she doesn’t seem too thrilled to hear it.
      As tensions run high, Kaelin can’t resist the temptation to commit one crazy act of rebellion. Once the web of secrets, sins and lies starts to unravel, though, their lives will never be the same…

Product Warnings

     This book contains a nice girl who gets her naughty on with two hot men. M/M/F and M/M scenes may cause an increase in body temperature, pulse rate and respiration. Read with caution! For adult use only.

Tonya:  Love the 'warning' label! *wicked laugh* Where can our readers find you and your books?

Kelly:  Here’s where you can find me:

Tonya:  What else should our readers know about you?

Kelly:  I love to write!! I feel so lucky to be able to share my stories. And I love hearing from readers, either an email or a few words left at Goodreads or Amazon, a Tweet on Twitter or a blog comment.

Tonya:  Let's go for a few silly questions. What is your favorite night time snack?

Kelly:  Popcorn. Big, huge bowl of popcorn.

Tonya:  Do you like toppings on your ice cream?

Kelly:  Yes! I’m a big fan of anything caramel or toffee flavor.

Tonya:  What’s your favorite meal - Italian, Mexican, Thai, etc?

Kelly:  Hmm. I don’t know if I could pick a favorite! I love pizza and pasta. Love Mexican. Love Thai. Love burgers and fries. Shrimp. Steak and lobster. Sushi. Okay, I just love to eat!

Tonya: *laughing* I’m not a real picky eater either, Kelly! Readers, here’s an excerpt for you! Remember, both hands on the keyboard or your e-reader!

        Why did he keep screwing up his life?
     He pushed that thought away to worry about later, right now was for Kaelin and making the most of this chance. He’d foregone this incredible gift ten years ago, tried to do the right thing, although somehow he’d screwed that up too, but this time he was taking it. He’d have to deal with the consequences, but he was taking it.
     He licked her mouth, kissed her cheek, her jaw, breathed in that scent of fruit and flower, like green apple and honeysuckle, sweet and delicious. “You smell good,” he murmured, nose pressed to her neck, filling himself with that warm and wonderful scent.
     He shot a glance down her body and watched Nick lift one of her small feet and kiss it, his eyes closed, mouth open. So fucking hot.
     Tyler opened his mouth on the side of Kaelin’s neck and gently sucked, then kissed his way lower, over her collarbone and onto the soft flesh below. Her breast brushed his jaw and he forced himself to go slow, to kiss between her breasts. She drew in a sharp breath and arched her back in a silent invitation.
     Sweat built on his skin, heat rushed through his body. His dick rubbed against Kaelin’s hip through his underwear and he wanted that barrier between them gone. He stripped off his boxer briefs and moved back beside her while Nick moved higher, kissing Kaelin’s legs and parting them. The scent of her arousal rose to his nose and his cock twitched hard, blood pulsing through his veins in hot surges.
     He lifted his head to gaze down at her, wanting the visual, wanting it all, the taste of her, the smell of her, and then, Christ yeah, the feel of her as he dragged his tongue over a nipple, all tight and hard. She gasped and he licked again, and then took her nipple into his mouth and sucked. It fit perfectly between his tongue and the roof of his mouth and she tasted like warm desire.
     “Sweet baby,” he mumbled against her flesh. “So damn sweet.”
     Her body writhed and again Tyler glanced at Nick, his hands now parting Kaelin’s thighs, studying her, an absorbed expression on his face. He was about to send her rocketing up, and Tyler’s body tightened even more. He cupped Kaelin’s other breast and gently squeezed, resumed his suckling, then found her other nipple with his fingers and tugged.
     She cried out and her pleasure sent a flash of fire through him. Yeah, he wanted to please her, he wanted Nick to please her, he wanted the two of them to make this so good for her. Because if she was going to risk it all to be bad, it had better be good.

Tonya:  Well that was hot! Wow! Kelly, thank you so much for being with us today! Be sure to hop over to her beautiful web site and check out her books. She has several to her credit with hot sassy covers. Also readers, Kelly is holding a contest so comment to be entered!

CONTEST:  I’ll give away a copy of One Wicked Night to one lucky commenter! I’ll draw the winner November 4.

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Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!!
     This is my Halloween email to each of you wishing you lots of tricks and more treats! LOL Do you have a favorite tradition or maybe a favorite costume that you wear? What are you planning to do this weekend for Halloween? I hope a few of you have a party or two to attend. How fun is that!

     My treat to you will be a week late but I'm hoping you'll visit next Saturday to grab your copy of my recipe. I'll be guest blogging at Black Velvet Seductions on Thursday and again on Saturday for their Saturday Recipe Blog so I hope you stop in to chat. Leave a comment on Thursday to be in the drawing! The links are on the left in my interview schedule. See you then!

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DD Symms - Erotic Romance

 DD Symms
Erotic Romance

     My guest author this week writes M/M erotica as well as M/F erotica. His writing will pull you into the stories so you can experience the emotions of his characters along with feel the passion just as his characters do. The covers of his books are appealing and the cover artists are to be commended! I love the covers! Hop over to his website and read a bit more about his books and blog posts.

     DD Symms considers eroticism and sexuality an art form and a driving force that affects many of our choices in life. Being in love creates inner conflicts and making love has an inherent beauty he enjoys exploring.

Tonya:  Readers love to know more about their authors. Tell us a bit about yourself.

DD:  I studied fiction and journalism in university. I’m from western PA and have lived in California long enough to almost feel like a true resident—but I’ll never truly feel I’m from Southern California.
Tonya:  Do you have a day job?

DD:  I have an online shopping site and a crazy family life. I haven’t had a regular day job in about four years.

Tonya:  Some of us have things we do to get into the writing frame of mind like music, or drinks. Do you have anything special you do to get into the writing mood?

DD:  I’m disciplined enough to start writing and grab time even if doors are slamming around the house. And I’ve learned much more about the craft of writing fiction in the past two years to make writing a bit easier. I’ve also studied acting and been in sales and you’ve got to put yourself in the mood regardless of circumstances. But I’ve found I listen to a lot of Daryl Hall and John Oates and classical music.

Tonya:  Do you have a card file where you keep story ideas? Where do they come from?

DD:  Stories run through my head. And then I see people in daily routines like a woman serving coffee and I think, “hey, that would make the beginning of a great story.”

Tonya:  If you’re self-published, can you tell us a bit about that and how it’s going for you?

DD:  Not self-published—yet. I’m writing a story I want to self-pub via Smashwords in the next four weeks.

Tonya:  Are you a daytime writer, night time writer, and do you have to be alone to write?

DD:  Late night to early morning is quietest at my house. Also, noon time. Like I said, I’ve learned to write even when doors are slamming, dogs are barking, and a whole lot of commotion is happening.

Tonya: Do you write better when you first have an idea of what your characters look like or do you write, then add character looks?

DD:  I have a notion of how they look and the look becomes more closely defined as I write. I may have one character where it’s definite I know what he or she looks like. But usually I start writing a bit before details become clarified.

Tonya:  We’re dying to hear about your latest book. What can you tell us without spoiling the storyline?

DD:  I just released Getaway through Breathless Press and I have a novel submitted about a PR professional who falls in love—and lust—with a wealthy developer in LA and gets tangled in a political mess. I also have a short story I’m writing that will, ahem, broach some taboo subjects.

Tonya:  Where can our readers find you and your books?

DD: or check Amazon and All Romance eBooks. Or Breathless Press.

Tonya:  Is there anything else you want to tell our readers?

DD:  I believe there are three elements to a well-written story: love, eroticism, and sex. Not the same to all degrees but weaving them together is a skill.
     Writing is a craft. I recently read that Nicholas Sparks (author of The Notebook) has read like 100 novels per year! You learn a lot when you read the writings of others.

Tonya:  What is your favorite night time snack?

DD:  Uh-oh! Ice cream or Chinese food leftovers.

Tonya:  Do you like toppings on your ice cream?

DD:  Wow, this question was nearly psychic. No, I don’t. I like mint chip—my favorite with nothing on it. Like the characters in my stories.

Tonya:  What’s your favorite meal - Italian, Mexican, Thai, etc?

DD:  Thai, right now, ranks right up there. The great thing about Southern California is that it’s easy to get about any taste you want at an affordable price.

Excerpt From Getaway:

    Marcie wanted to hear a man growl at her from a sexual wildness building inside him. She wanted to someone to grab her, pull her hair, and tell her that her tits were lovely. And he would fondle them and lick her nipples in the night air. Being polite to the point of unsatisfying had no value. That wasn't really her. She quickly folded her arms across her chest.       "You okay?" He relaxed his embrace and ran fingers through her hair.      He brought her back to the moment. "Yeah." How much could exist deep in a person's psyche in a place where it became so private it's not possible to share, and live a life isolated from the one who's supposed to share intimate secrets. "I don't want that to happen to me."
       "Excuse me?"
      "Oh, just thinking." Could she articulate her fantasy?

      He ran a finger gently under her chin and looked in her eyes. "Me, too."

      Marcie closed her eyes and parted her lips, touching Cole on his lips and opening her mouth slightly, giving him freedom to sweep his tongue inside. His breath carried a sweet fragrance that tempted her to explore more of him with her hand up his chest and along his neck, holding him like she held on to the trees when climbing up from the swimming hole to keep from falling and getting hurt. Her grip became tighter. Her lips worked with his, following his up and down motion, her tongue sliding against his, wrapping around it and discovering the softness and moisture. She held her thighs together and then parted them, wanting to quench her desire by having him inside.

 Tonya:  DD, thank you so much for being here this week as my guest. Readers, he will be here all week so please share the links with your friends and visit his websites. Please leave a comment or question below and get entered in his contest by commenting! Thank you all for joining us!
CONTEST – Answer this question to win one of three possible books, Getaway, Layover, or Riding Shotgun. What airport would you choose for a long layover if you had to make a choice?
     Please leave your email addy in your comment so I can contact the winners.

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Sharing Among Friends Received a 4 Star Review!!

FOUR Star Review!
by Rho at The Romance Reviews

     The Romance Reviews site has read and reviewed Sharing Among Friends and given it 4 stars!! Rho from Romance Reviews read each of the books in The Boss's Pet series and liked book three the best. She's looking forward to book four. Rho, thank you so much for your reviews! Readers, you can find all three reviews by clicking their Erotic section then click on reviews. Take a few minutes and check out all the other erotic reads they have there!

     As readers, I hope each one of you are looking forward to book four also. I don't have a release date set yet but I do have a tentative cover. I've not decided on the title yet so stay tuned and visit often to see if that title remains.

      This book will be taking Sondra deeper into areas she's barely tasted but finds she likes the menu! You won't want to miss the hot summer nights in Palm Springs with Nick and Sondra as he puts her through more training experiences. Will Nick like the brave submissive he's created? Find out when he allows her to venture into a role she just might enjoy a bit too much!
     What are your thoughts and which book was your favorite?

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Author Interview - Gabrielle Bisset - Erotic Romance Author

 The e-book winner is:
 Congratulations and happy reading!

Bio:  Gabrielle Bisset is a history prof turned erotic romance author. As a history lover, she usually finds a way to work in the past somehow into her stories, whether they be erotic historical romances like her Victorian Erotic Romance Trilogy or erotic paranormal romance, like her novels.  She loves vampires, and if her muse would cooperate, she’d write erotic vampire romance even more often than she does.  However, her muse has other ideas, so the variety will likely continue.

Tonya:  I’m so excited to introduce all of you to the elegant author of these beautiful covers. Please welcome Gabrielle to my blog! Readers love to know more about their authors. Please tell us a bit about yourself.

Gabrielle:  I’m the mother of two children, one of whom still lives at home with me in Pennsylvania. I home school him, which is challenging with a 15 year old boy, and I have five cats.  I can’t say no to strays. I think my neighbors have begun to call me the cat lady.  I can only imagine the look of surprise on their faces if they ever found out what I wrote.

Tonya:  Staying the innocent ‘girl next door’ is more fun anyway! *wink* Do you have a day job?

Gabrielle:  I’m a history professor at a local campus for a large university, and I teach students American and European history.

Tonya:  That sounds like it makes it easy for you to be able to include that in your story lines. Some of us have things we do to get into the writing frame of mind like music, or drinks. Do you have anything special you do to get into the writing mood?

Gabrielle:  I hand write everything, so I must have the notebook and pen nearby. I also need a large glass of iced tea, although I admit when I’m writing an especially hot sex scene, I’ll have a beer or two.  It helps to loosen me up!

Tonya:  LOL I totally understand! Do you have a card file where you keep story ideas? Where do they come from?

Gabrielle:  I like the card file idea.  I think I might use that.  No, I have notebooks since I’m a habitual writer, so there are pages and pages of ideas along with the actual stories. My Destined Ones series came from a dream.  One morning I woke up with the idea for a race of people who lived many lives through reincarnation, had special powers, and destined ones.  From that came my first novel, Stolen Destiny, and my second novel, just released on October 13, Destiny Redeemed.  Oddly enough, the idea for my first novella in my Victorian Erotic Romance Trilogy came from a dream.  This time, though, I woke up with the entire first chapter of Vampire Dreams in my mind.  Something I’m eating before bed each night is making me have very vivid dreams, I guess.

Tonya:  Well let all of us know what you’re eating to cause that so we can grab some next time we’re in the store! If you’re self-published, can you tell us a bit about that and how it’s going for you?

Gabrielle:  I chose to become self-published after my first novel was released.  I decided I wanted more control over my work and took the plunge.  I can’t tell you how happy I am that I did that.  My three novellas, Vampire Dreams, Love’s Master, and Masquerade have all been selling very well, with all three in the Top 100 Erotic Books list on Amazon for over a month.  I wouldn’t want to do it any other way now. 

Tonya:  Are you a daytime writer, night time writer, and do you have to be alone to write?

Gabrielle:  I tend to be a nighttime writer only because my job and home schooling take up my days.  I do reserve all of Saturday each week to write, however.  And I have to be alone or I won’t get anything done!  I’m too chatty to write around anyone else.

Tonya:  Do you write better when you first have an idea of what your characters look like or do you write, then add character looks?

Gabrielle:  I always know exactly what my characters look like before I begin writing them.  As soon as Amon popped into my mind in Stolen Destiny, I knew he was 6’6”, blond, and had gorgeous blue eyes. Then in Destiny Redeemed, although he has the same hair and eye color and is the same height, his character has been through some tough times and he’s far more built.  I tried to stay true to that idea when I was looking for images for the cover.  As soon as I saw that model, I thought, “Definitely, Amon would be this ripped.” 

Tonya:  We’re dying to hear about your latest book. What can you tell us without spoiling the storyline?

Gabrielle:  Destiny Redeemed is the story of Amon Kalins and his destined one, Thea Forester.  Here’s the blurb:

Sentenced to spend the rest of his three remaining lifetimes in Nil, Amon Kalins is freed with the help of his Sidhe servant, Gethen, but now he must accept his life is never to be his again as the Council won't rest until he's safely back imprisoned within Nil's cold walls. Broken and nearly dead from his time in prison, Amon is saved by an Aeveren healer named Althea Forester. As a healer, Thea has served her people for 45 lifetimes, never having a destined one and always knowing each lifetime would ultimately end with her alone. But destiny hasn't forgotten her.

Drawn to the seductive Amon, Thea quickly becomes a pawn the Council uses to trap him. Taken prisoner by the sadistic leader of the rebel group, the Soren, Thea must survive the vicious world of the people hellbent on taking her destined one away forever, and Amon must risk everything dear to him to free her from those who would sacrifice her to claim the bigger prize and return him to Nil.

Tonya:  Wow, that sounds like a fast-paced story full of intrigue! Where can our readers find you and your books?

Gabrielle:  My books can be found at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, and All Romance eBooks. As for me, I’m all over the place.  Click on the links below to find me.

Tonya:  Your covers are beautiful to look at and as a reader, they give me sense of elegance. I like that! Is there anything else you want to tell our readers?

Gabrielle:  I love hearing from readers, so email me at  And if you’ve read Vampire Dreams, you should know that Vasilije is getting his own book, Blood Avenged, in December.  So if you haven’t read the novella Vampire Dreams, you still have time before that delicious vampire makes his entrance!

Tonya:  Now for a few questions just for fun...What is your favorite night time snack?

Gabrielle:  Popcorn.  I love snacking on it as I’m writing. 

Tonya:  I am sooo addicted to popcorn!! Do you like toppings on your ice cream?

Gabrielle:  I stick with caramel on my vanilla ice cream.  Delicious!

Tonya:  What’s your favorite meal - Italian, Mexican, Thai, etc?

Gabrielle:  I like any meal with shrimp in it.  I’m a shrimp addict.  I especially like shrimp scampi. 

Destiny Redeemed:

Excerpt:  Thea watched the man in front of her with fear, but there was something else too, something she’d never experienced before as a healer. She didn’t just feel sympathetic for him, didn’t want to merely make his pain go away. She felt drawn to him, and not only on a physical level. She could understand that after resting her head on his hard body. He was more masculine than anyone she’d ever met. Even after what had obviously been repeated beatings, he seemed stronger than any man could be. So her physical attraction she understood.

But there was something else. After only a few hours near him, she realized with sadness that she’d miss him when he released her. But why? She knew little about him, and what she knew wasn’t good. He was Amon Kalins, the escaped prisoner from Nil. She’d been warned, as all other Aeveren healers had, not to help him in any way. She hadn’t had a choice, though. His wretched man had kidnapped her from her home and when she saw him suffering before her, nature had taken over. Healing him had never been a choice but a need.

“Thea, don’t be afraid. I told you I wouldn’t let any harm come to you, and I won’t. You’re safe as long as you’re with me.”

The tone of his deep voice was softer now, but it didn’t make her feel any better. She remained fearful, her fingers tightly gripping the drawer handle behind her.

“You’re Amon Kalins...” she squeaked out as her voice failed her.  The hard surface of the dresser pressed against her back when she attempted to take another step back away from him.


“The escaped prisoner from Nil.”


Thea’s body relaxed almost against her will. Each affirmation should have made her fear for her safety all the more, but it didn’t. Something in his voice soothed her.

“And you’re a tempuster?” This the Council hadn’t mentioned in its edict to healers.


In all her lifetimes, she’d never met any Aeveren with the power of time travel. Amon Kalins must be a very powerful man, she realized.

“Is it my ability that frightens you?” he asked in a voice she was sure was intended to put her at ease.

Thea thought about this for a moment and answered in a small voice, “No.”

His being a tempuster was probably the least frightening aspect of him. The truth was she was most frightened of how much she already liked him. She shouldn’t. She knew this. But something about him called to her.

“Then my being a prisoner from Nil?”

Thea drew in a deep breath and let it out slowly. “I’m not supposed to help you.”

“Why? You’re a healer. It’s your gift. Why would you be banned from healing someone who needs your help?”

Thea was ashamed to admit that she’d never considered this question, not when she was ordered not to heal him nor all the other times those who dictated her power ordered her not to help another in need. How many times had she followed edicts and watched half-breeds or full blooded Aeveren suffer needlessly for breaking one of the many rules of their world?

The thought of her blind heartlessness made her shoulders droop and the regret she suddenly felt overwhelmed her. Sadly, she explained, “The Council ordered all healers to not help you. Under no circumstances were any of us to heal you.” As she spoke the words of the edict, she felt guilty not because she had helped him, but because for the first time in her forty-five lifetimes she’d truly lived up to her nature.

“But you did. Not that we gave you a chance to follow your orders.”

“Now I don’t know what will happen to me. When they find out what I did...”

Thea’s voice trailed off as she thought of how the Council would punish her for healing Amon. As she winced at the thought of her reprimand, Amon clenched his fists at his side. Thea saw the anger in his expression and wasn’t sure how to react. She was reasonably sure his anger wasn’t because of her, but something in him had changed.

“Are you in pain?”

Amon relaxed his hands. “No.” Slowly, his face returned to the handsome, albeit bruised, expression he seemed to usually have. Thea stepped forward toward him and carefully placed her hands on both sides of his face. She didn’t know why as he’d said he wasn’t in pain, but something in her pushed her toward his bruised face.

The swollen left eye had returned to normal, and she felt the gaze of his ocean blue eyes on her as she coaxed the pain out of his features. Gradually, the slash under his eye closed until all that was left was a faint pink line. The light purple bruises that marked near his jaw and above his eyes, remnants from a prior assault than the one on his last night in Nil, faded under her light touch as the pads of her fingertips softly glided over his skin.

Amon sat stunned by her unsolicited help. As she focused on healing him, she saw him study her, his breathing turning to shallow pants and sensed his desire when she saw him lick his lips.  As a healer, she wasn’t gifted with the ability to read minds, but her power came with the complementary ability of being able to read others’ reactions better than other Aeveren. 

That something inside her that had pushed her toward him now told her to kiss him, and she leaned in and gently pressed her lips to one of the pale black and purple marks on his forehead. When she finally pulled away, she saw his eyes were closed and his face was calmer than at any time since she’d met him the night before.

Her mind raced. Should she apologize for kissing him, even if it was just on his skin? She’d never wanted to do anything like that ever before with anyone else she’d been charged to heal. But nothing about being near this man was like anything she’d ever experienced before.

Unsure of how to act, she found it difficult to know what to do next, and words began to tumble out of her mouth. “I’m sorry...I didn’t mean...I don’t know why...”

Amon opened his eyes as Thea felt the color rising in her cheeks. She may have been saying she was sorry and claiming she didn’t know why she’d kissed him, but she was still positioned right next to his face.

“No need to apologize. In fact, there’s no need to stop.”

A sound of surprise escaped her lips and her eyes grew wide at the idea that there was more to come. Her heart pounded in her chest as his deep blue eyes stared into hers. Would he kiss her now? All at once, she realized she wanted so much to feel his lips on hers.

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