Friday, November 29, 2013

Meet Master Buck in Master's Email, he'll appear in book 5!

Master Buck
AKA John Quinlan

     Master Buck, AKA John Quinlan, body builder and most tattooed romance cover model, does have a real time life...but I also think he makes a great trainer of submissives in the Dom/sub lifestyle. Although he's a cover model for our sexy romance covers where we put him into the hero-status of any number of roles, does NOT mean that is what he does in Real Time. I do hope none of his friends assume he takes on that role in RT just because I think he exudes a very masculine demeanor of one who has his emotions under control no matter what the circumstances are. Since I've thrust him into the role of the 'trainer of disobedient submissives' no way relates that to his RT life role of loving husband and father.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Thanksgiving Giveaway with Tonya Kinzer!

 Come Tame Me
~ Gabe and Cassi ~
Tonya Kinzer

      To celebrate the PRINT release of my new western, I thought I'd hold a contest for one lucky entrant to win a signed copy with a matching mouse pad! The Rafflecopter is at the bottom with several ways to earn more entries. I hope you have fun with it and good luck! 
   This weekend I'm also over at The Romance Studio's Thanksgiving Party where you can find more contests, new books and chat with the authors - click the link. Do leave comments on those you find interesting!
     Another party is still going on over at The Romance Review site. They've got a grand prize of a $100 gift card plus many other prizes from the authors. Daily Q & As and a cover match are just a few of the happenings! Click the banner on the left to head over there!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Western/cowboy lovers - Stop in to meet Cora Seton!

 Cora Seton

     Cora Seton loves cowboys, country life, gardening, bike-riding, and lazing around with a good book. Mother of four, wife to a computer programmer/eco-farmer, she ditched her California lifestyle eight years ago and moved to a remote logging town in northwestern British Columbia.
    Like the characters in her novels, Cora enjoys old-fashioned pursuits and modern technology, spending mornings transforming a neglected one-acre lot into a paradise of orchards, berry bushes and market gardens, and afternoons writing the latest Chance Creek romance novel on her iPad mini. Visit my website to read about new releases, learn about contests and other cool events!

Be sure to enter the contest below!

Five Things You Don’t Know About Cora Seton

1. I was a suburban girl long before I was a small town girl. Born in the Capitol District of upstate New York, I went to school in Philadelphia, and lived in California and Minneapolis before my first stint in a small town. I lived on a chicken farm for about a year and a half before setting out for the coast again, where I spent the next decade. It took a second run at small town life—this time here in northwestern British Columbia—for me to realize all the good things I was missing before. I’ve fallen in love with the easy pace of things here, the way the community pulls together for each other, the way the bank tellers all know me by name, and the fact that whatever I need, someone will know someone who will know someone who has it.

2. I wrote young adult fiction before I wrote romance. And all of those manuscripts are still sitting on my hard drive. Unpublished. But I did write a middle-grade cowboy novel. The only thing is, the “horses” in that story were lizards.

3. I read hundreds of Harlequins growing up. Didn’t we all? My favorite was about a normal working girl who decided that if she could pretend to be a blond, blue-eyed, mysterious heiress, and “bump into” a dashing playboy three separate times, he would fall for her. Totally fun.

4. I learned to fire rifles, shotguns and pistols in the name of research for my writing. Got my permits for them and everything. Very much fun.

5. I have never dated a cowboy. Sigh.


     Bella Chatham will lose everything – her veterinary practice, her animal shelter, and even her home – if she can’t find another source of income, fast. So when her best friend signs her up for the hot new reality television show, Can You Beat a Billionaire, Bella accepts the challenge and hopes against hope she can win the ten million dollar prize. If she doesn’t, it’s bye-bye pet clinic and shelter, bye-bye Chance Creek, Montana, and hello to marriage to the billionaire for a year!
     Evan Mortimer, billionaire, can’t believe he’s reduced to competing in a television contest to win a wife.
     Unfortunately, it’s the only foolproof way to secure his position as head of Mortimer Innovations. At least he’ll be able to dump his “spouse” at the end of the year. He has no intention of getting hitched for life.
     Bella doesn’t expect her adversary to be handsome – or funny, or compassionate – but Evan’s all three, and he’s proving a tough competitor, too. When they end up sharing a tent – and a sleeping-bag – her body betrays her with a longing so deep it cuts her to the core. Still, this cowgirl must stay strong. If Evan uncovers her secret fears, he’ll use them to win the contest – and then he’ll own her for a year. She’ll be out of luck, out of cash, and stuck being Mrs. Mortimer until he kicks her to the curb. Too bad she can’t decide which is worse – winning the show and losing Evan forever, or losing the show and only being his temporary wife.
     Evan can’t believe he’s falling for the one woman who doesn’t want him. This cowgirl’s not impressed by his money, his name, or his inability to sleep in a tent with her for an entire night, but every look and touch she gives him sends his desire through the roof. With a director determined to use his claustrophobia to make him look like a fool, and an adversary so sexy he can hardly see straight, he’ll need all his savvy to come out on top. Too bad he’s going to lose no matter how this show turns out.
     If he beats Bella, he’ll destroy the first woman he’s ever loved. If he doesn’t beat her, it’s bye-bye Mortimer Innovations. Will either of them remember in time that it’s not who wins or who loses – it’s how they play the game that really counts?

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Print copies arriving Nov 25th for Come Tame Me!!

Print Version is Coming!!

     Am I excited?? You bet! This is my first ever book to make it to print! I approved the specs on Wednesday and ordered copies to give away at contests! I knooooow! Watch my newsletters for more info on that!
       I'm also doing book marks and those should be here about the same time the print copies arrive so that I can include a book mark with each signed copy. Don't want to wait for a contest? You can Contact Me for your copy and I'll get that off to you. The paperback will be $12.99 plus $2.00 shipping for US orders. I do use Paypal and the payment can be sent to my addy, which I'll include in the email reply to those interested in the signed copies. The book will also be available at the Amazon CreateSpace book store for all orders.
       Soon, I hope to have my e-store up so readers can order and download my books right from my site! I hope that will be a great benefit for you. Payments will be with any credit card and Paypal.
         Many readers have asked for paperback copies of The Boss's Pet series since they're only available as e-books right now. I'm still toying with the idea of doing paperback with each book or perhaps including the first four books into one paperback. What are YOUR thoughts on that? I'd love to hear via comments here. Thanks for stopping in!
Still want an e-copy?

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Are you ready for more of The Boss's Pet BDSM series?

 Love Erotica?
Need more stimulation?

     Book four will lead you into book five if you're following along with the series. As I write, ideas are flowing about where I can take my characters to keep you entertained. The character's level of learning and acceptance is another aspect of hot, erotic action. Sub space is something else not understood by those in the vanilla world but is one topic dealt with in book five. (By visiting my website, those interested in learning more can follow the links I've posted.)
     It's a much known fact that when pain happens to in childbirth...we're instructed to concentrate on something else until the pain subsides. Those in the Dom/sub world understand this as well. It may come as a surprise to many, but some individuals actually need more pain and stimulation to achieve a deeper orgasm experience. They also build up a tolerance to pain and need more pain applied as they progress to more painful play in the BDSM world. Being mentally prepared for exploring in this world is the hardest for those in the vanilla world, but once they experiment, the understanding slowly makes sense to them if they have the right partner.
     Having the right partner you fully trust is another matter I've talked about before. DO NOT get into this lifestyle unless you have a partner you totally trust because when you're blindfolded and restrained...your life is in their hands! This is no laughing matter. Submissives have been injured because their Dom couldn't be trusted to pay attention to stress signals from their submissive should they be afraid to use their safe word. I can't stress this enough. You need to be open with your partner before doing any form of bondage play. Talk to each other, understand just how far your partner is willing go as you both test the waters.
     Palm Springs has so many exciting places to take my characters while showing my readers the beauty of the valley. The shopping mall at The River, the beautiful homes along the mountainsides, the aerial tram ride up to the top of the mountain to view the valley from the bar and balcony. Now imagine if there were a secret dungeon deep within the mountain with a 'member only' entrance from the bar area? Did that grab your attention? Click over to enjoy all the photos while your mind wonders about the lifestyle possiblities! Enjoy!

     I can't wait to get book five finished for your reading pleasure and more! *wicked laugh* I've been required at the office more lately but am hoping the release date for the end of December can still be possible. Some of you might already know a few of the new characters if you've read Master's Email. Feel free to leave comments or questions! Muah!