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Lesbian Romance Book Two is progressing, sneek peek!

Meet Lady Ciara
From New Horizons

     “I want to know more about the two women I’ll be interviewing tomorrow. You’ve piqued my curiosity and you know that’s not an easy thing to do. I’ve seen and done it all, but I’m a sucker for beautiful women. You’ve got me there.”

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Primula Bond's NEW Erotic Romance Release, Pierre!

 Primula Bond
Erotic Romance

This week's author already has FOUR five-star reviews for her new release and more come in daily. Her book is quickly climbing the erotic romance charts! Please help me welcome Primula as we sit down to chat with her.

Primula Bond has been writing erotica for more than 20 years. She started with short stories for magazines and has written novels and novellas for Black Lace, Accent Press, Mischief and Avon. She works as a 'book doctor' for the Writers' Workshop and delivers workshops at writing festivals. Her most recent work, Pierre, is a sequel to the Unbreakable Trilogy which followed the passionate and dangerous passion between Gustav Levi and Serena Folkes, and explores the bad guy Pierre as he tries to come to terms with an accident that nearly killed him, and whether he can ever make amends.

Tonya:  Primula, it's a pleasure to once again have you visit and chat with my readers. They love to know more about their authors. Tell us a bit about yourself.
Primula: I am one of four sisters educated at a Catholic convent, where I became head girl and where I developed my slight obsession with the erotic potential of nuns and the mystique and rituals of Catholicism. I studied English at Oxford before living in Egypt for two years and I have also lived in Venice and London. I started writing erotica when I was a single mother with my eldest son and now masquerade as a respectable wife and mother of three sons living in a lovely English city who raises immaculately groomed eyebrows when my 'other life' as an erotica writer is revealed! I also sing, take portrait photographs and love eating and traveling.
Tonya:  Do you have a day job?
Primula: I work part time as a secretary for a firm of defence criminal lawyers, which has given me an insight and interest in the criminal world as well as the rarified atmosphere of the barristers and Judges in a law court.   
Tonya:  Some of us have things we do to get into the writing frame of mind like music, or drinks. Do you have anything special you do to get into the writing mood?
Primula: In the old days it might be the odd joint or two to get me going, but now it's more likely to be a large glass of chenin blanc. Actually, I write better during the day when the house is empty of husbands and sons, and particularly in the morning, so I am more likely to be fueled these days by several cups of strong coffee. I have the corner of a particular sofa in a particular room where I seem best able to concentrate.  
Tonya:  Where do you keep story ideas? Where do they come from?
Primula: My ideas come from my own memories of people or travels, or situations, but they also come from overheard conversations, scenes glimpsed from a train window, anecdotes gleaned at the school gate or dinner parties, or sometimes purely from my extremely vivid imagination. I keep paper and pen near me at all times, even in the car or the bath, in case I get an idea and don't want to let it float away.
Tonya:  How is the publishing aspect going for you?
Primula: I'm lucky that my erotic romance series is published by a major publisher, Harper Collins, but they didn't take on some of the 'non-erotic' short stories I wrote under my real name, so I self-published those on Amazon in a volume entitled 'Stabbing the Rain'. To be honest they've had great reviews from the handful of readers but my publicity hasn't been very efficient.  
Tonya:  Congratulation on being with Harper Collins! What advice would you give to new authors?
Primula: First, read. Read the type of fiction you would like to write. Study how successful authors ply their trade, from the way they set out the text to how they portray characters and dialogue. As a 'book doctor' for the website Writers Workshop, I am amazed how many new writers say they are 'too busy' to read, but are confident they can write because they are university lecturers or whatever, then have no idea how to set out their story – and don't get me started on appalling grammar or pompous, over-elaborate prose. Next, be passionate and dedicated. That will shine through, even if the technicalities need some polishing. Have a plan and a vague deadline for your work, otherwise the project will drag on for years. Carry a notebook round with you wherever you go. Never ask family or friends to read your work and give an opinion. It's not fair to either of you. They won't give an entirely objective view and you will be easily offended if they do. Give it to a professional critique service like the one I work for and be prepared to pay for genuine, constructive advice! Finally, grow a thick skin. Those rejection letters never stop hurting, but if you are lucky enough to get a constructive one then learn from it and try again. 
Tonya:  Do you write better when you first have an idea of what your characters look like or do you write, then add character looks?
Primula: The looks are pretty much there from the start. Certainly with the flame-haired heroine of my trilogy, Serena. She is basically, as the Berocca advert goes, like me but on a really good day. And younger. Sexier. More beautiful. And far more feisty. The brothers Gustav and Pierre are my dream men. Dark, mysterious, damaged, seeking love, dynamite in bed. And Rosa is the kind of Latina sultry beauty I always wanted to be, and I've made her a singer, so I can indulge in my erstwhile ambition of becoming a jazz singer. So yes, the initial impressions for both of them were there from the start, but the details, individual quirks and back story grow as the story goes along, and if a new character introduces themselves to me they spring on to the stage fully formed physically but an essential part of story telling is to introduce various details little by little, as in real life. That's when you have to be careful as a story teller not to tell, but to show, and to make characters three dimensional.
Tonya:  What attracts you most about men?
Primula: I like them tall and attractive, strong and with deep voices, well educated, reasonably well off, but I also like them to be sensitive, funny, intelligent and extremely fertile. Too much to ask, do you think???  
Tonya:  Certainly not! We’re dying to hear about your latest book. What can you tell us without spoiling the story-line?
Primula: The fourth book in what started out as the Unbreakable Trilogy but has now become the Silver Chain series is called Pierre, and it is about the naughty younger brother of the hero Gustav Levi. He was a charismatic but destructive character in the trilogy, and I deliberately wrote him as someone my readers were supposed to dislike, but I wanted to explore whether true love could save someone like him. It has proved to be a challenge to persuade readers that the bad guy really can turn around, and so far the reviews have all said they actually fell in love with him. In this book he starts out very badly injured after an accident, and he feels he has been punished for his sins. But the question remains. Can a leopard ever really change his spots?  
Tonya:  Where can our readers find you and your books?
Primula: Some lucky UK readers can find my books on the shelves of W H Smiths, but mostly they are available on Amazon.  Pierre is currently only available as an e-book, but I hope this will be available as a 'print on demand' paperback soon.
Tonya:  Is there anything else you want to tell our readers?
Primula:  I want to encourage readers to get to know me and my characters and especially readers who love Fifty Shades, because my trilogy is unashamedly romantic as well as explicit. For those who love English characters, mine meet in London, but travel to New York, Paris, Venice and Morocco and meet a gallery of other characters along the way, some of whom are out to get them.
     Every so often I like to do a book give away, usually when I reach a milestone with my number of Twitter followers, so readers can watch for that. 
Tonya:  Tell us a few things readers might not know. What is your favorite night time snack?
Primula: Crackers and very strong cheddar, and either hot chocolate or the aforementioned chenin blanc. 
Tonya:  Do you like toppings on your ice cream?
Primula: I can't eat ice cream as it makes my teeth tingle, but I have a very sweet tooth especially when it comes to chocolate and raspberries.
Tonya:  What’s your favorite meal - Italian, Mexican, Thai, etc?
Primula: If I had to boil it down (pun intended) I'd settle for Italian food. I love pasta, pizza, meat stuffed with mozzarella or wrapped in proscuitto, tiramisu, insalata tricolore...
Tonya:  Readers, there you have it. Enjoy the excerpt. Please visit her Amazon page and websites. You can connect with Primula at Twitter and FaceBook!

Excerpt from 'Pierre:

             He slammed my arms above my head, on the window. The air conditioning was so cold on my skin. I was all goosebumps. Prickling, sensitive goosebumps. I had to press my tits against the glass. I like to rub until the nipples are burning.'
             'This isn't you, Rosie. You sound so angry.'
            I try to wrench my wrists away from him, but he has them fast, and heat is building up my arm. The taxi turns into the park and starts to drive across it, towards Bayswater.
           'Men like their women bitter, don't they? Makes them grateful for what they can get.'
            'Rosie. You can stop this now. I -'
           'It didn't matter what he did to me. How he treated me. I'm just the carer, after all.'
            I wait for his response, but his face is expressionless. Just a muscle twitching in his cheek. A flare of dark light behind his eyes.
          'Your words, Levi. Not mine. So your friend, he was naked now. He doesn't go for foreplay. Maybe we were hot enough already. His cock was there, shoving into my buttocks. Big, hard, everything a girl could want. Off he went, grinding, pushing my thighs apart, pulling me so I was bent forwards, leaning on the window for support. Suddenly the track ended, embarrassing when that happens, and in that moment of two of ghastly silence you could just hear my hands, squeaking against the glass. Just his breath against my hair.'
        Surprising rain drops start to fall on the taxi roof. Haphazardly at first, then breaking into a summer storm.
'           'The next track started. Figure it out. Loud enough to make your ears crackle.'
            'I know,' growls Pierre, dragging at my wrist so I'm a little closer. 'I've heard that one, too.'
           I look away from him, out of the car window, the city divided from us by a curtain of rain. I can see my reflection in the glass, just huge staring eyes, no other features.
            'So I bent over , hands splayed against the window as if I was trying to get out. I was in that room while your friend, a virtual stranger, banged me.'
            Pierre flinches. His eyelids narrow. He's pulled me closer to him so that I'm jammed up against his leg. It must hurt, but he shows no feeling at all. The taxi is at the north gates of Kensington Gardens, indicating to go right towards Marble Arch.
          'No blinds in those apartments. No curtains. Bright spotlights in the ceilings and darkness outside, so the whole of London can watch. All those other bright windows, eyes searching the night, people walking beneath us, boats on the Thames, cars crossing the river. I wanted to shout at all of them come on, watch me!'
            'I'd love to watch you, Rosie,' murmurs Pierre, loosening his fingers. There are four dents on each one and a thumb-shaped bruise underneath. 'But only me. Not the whole of London.'
           'Do you know what Daniele used to say when we were in bed? Me dicen tu fantasia.'
            'And what is your fantasy?'
          The heat is dying down now. In fact, I'm starting to shiver. Pierre puts his arm round me.
          'I wasn't quite wet. The resistance, the hint of pain, the giving pop was all the hornier.' I shift forward on the seat, but he keeps hold of me. 'We moved. It was really uncomfortable, pinned by him, pushing awkwardly against the window, my thighs were aching. A red bus trundled across the bridge. A neat row of faces on the top deck all turned to look out.'
           I keep my eyes on my reflection, just as I am in this story.
         'The track changed to a drumming solo, frenzied, tribal, and Robinson was thrusting in time to it, banging me up against the window, lifting me with the force of it. In the glass we looked like animals humping and then he was coming, shouting. I couldn't hear him because the drumming was repeating itself, over and over, stuck in a riff like a runaway train on broken tracks.'
         I'm wandering in my story now, losing concentration. At some point I've started crying, because tears are trickling down my cheeks. I'm talking about this other guy and yet all I'm conscious of is Pierre's arm around me, his fingers fanned over my side.
         'Did you come, Rosie? Did Robinson Junior make you come?'
         I close my eyes, get myself back to the story.
        'He was gripping my hips so as not to slip out, staying stiff, still rocking. I thought he was going to start all over again. I closed my eyes, I wanted to visualise the man I really want, and it worked, I was closer than I thought, and in a quick burst I came, then my knees buckled, he was slipping out of me, and I just fell down on the hard floor.  He tried to help me up but I shook him off and he walked off.'
          'We're nearly there. Is this story true?'







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Meet Sandi from Dreams Do Come True - Lesbian Romance

Through His Lens Series
Lesbian Romance

     Meet Sandi from Dreams Do Come True. Tonya Kinzer got the chance to talk with Sandi at a local cafe after one of her shoots with Daniel, her photographer. They’ve each ordered a glass of Cab with a meat and cheese tray.

Tonya: I have to ask what it’s like working with Daniel.

Sandi: He’s a sweetheart for sure. I’m always on the watch for women who would make a good model for him. Daniel knows how to work lighting so his models photograph the best. There’s no pressure because he puts you at ease, makes you calm down before he begins, but his green eyes still make me crazy. If I were interested in men, he’d be a front runner. Actually, we did have a thing a while back. I ended it before I got too attached because most of my relationships haven’t gone well. I have a mind of my own and don’t take orders well when it comes to restricting who I hang out with.

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Under Her Command, Bk 5, on sale!

Tonya Kinzer
The Boss's Pet Series

     For those who may be new readers to my work, this is book 5 in the series. Thank you for stopping in to see what the chatter is all about. Nick and Sondra's relationship moves forward in each book and she learns enough about the Dom/sub lifestyle to take hold of her own flogger in book five! There are more than a few Doms she gets to master, tease, and tantalize! On the cover is the world's most tattooed cover model, John Quinlan! Thank you, John, for being a part of my cover series! He's also in a 2017 movie that he's working on right now. Stop by his page.
     Book five is now on sale at Smashwords (use the link below) for 33% off until February 13th. At the checkout screen, use coupon code JT63G to get the e-book for $2.00. Just click the link below!



     As always, book one, The Contract, is FREE if this is your first time to find my books. Nick hires Sondra to work in his office and she plays hard to get, but he breaks through her tough exterior. What he finds is a woman who's not heard of bondage play in the bedroom and becomes her teacher and master of all. I hope you enjoy the entire series. My other books can be found on my website and at most online book stores. Thank you for visiting my blog.





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