Thursday, November 24, 2011

Book 4 - Their Submissive Switch

 Book Four
Their Submissive Switch

      Wow! Is this exciting or what? The fact that you have stopped in to check out book four for me...that's what's exciting! And I don't think you'll be disappointed. As a matter of fact, why don't you go read Chapter One then come back here to leave a comment for others so they will want to read it, too! You can hop to BookBuzzr HERE and read Chapter One. I'm working hard so the release will be available Dec 26th! My Christmas present to each one of you!

      At BookBuzzr, you find the widget to read the other three books there and should you want to download your copies to read, you can find them all at Amazon, B & N, Smashwords, All Romance/OmniLit and more! My book trailer link is also at BookBuzzr - I hope you take the time to watch it.

      As with the other books, you'll be able to get it from Amazon, B & N, Smashwords, All Romance, Xcite E-books, Escape Erotica e-Books, and more! I would so appreciate it if you would share this with your friends, on your blog and on your Twitter. Please retweet it when you see it pop up at 7:30 PM on Twitter! Help me get book four to Number 1 before it's even released in December! Thank you all so much for helping me do this! Muah!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Join me over at Jude Mason's Blog

Jude Interviews Me!

    Stop over and learn a bit more about me. Please join us starting Wednesday over at Jude Mason's Blog where she interviews authors and has her books listed too! Jude, thank you so much for having me this week!