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For April 30th:

 Excerpt from Sharing Among Friends

She noticed a few people missing from the group as she glanced around when Sondra met the gaze of a handsome dark eyed Italian man standing alone at the bar. Recognition set in and her knees weakened. Now he walked toward them; Nick already saw Enrico coming to join the two of them.

“I’m so glad you decided to come to the party, Sondra.”

He showed Nick something in his hand and Nick patted him on the shoulder. “I know she’s in good hands, my friend.”

Sondra thought her jaw dropped to the floor and quickly composed herself as she looked around for Katherine.

“Sondra, I’m glad it’s you who matches my number.”

Her throat went dry as she stared at Nick, then looked at Rico. “But...I don’t have a say in this?”

“Do I detect resistance? You know that won’t be tolerated. I think you are mine for at least the next two hours.”


Nick kissed her cheek and patted her ass, then gave the cord a gentle tug. “Sharing among friends......teaches obedience, pet. Pay attention to your lessons tonight. I will find you later. You will be fine.”

Nick whispered to Rico, handed him something that he put into his pocket, then turned and left them alone. She was sure it was the controller for her plug and she tightened her muscles around it and smiled at Rico.

His dark eyes all but stripped her naked right there as he slowly gazed over her body.

He placed his arm around her shoulders and talked to her as they walked toward the entrance back into the house. At least they were friends and she already had a good idea that Rico wanted his hands all over her...again, since he’d already done that during her massage. She drank the last half of her drink at once and set the glass on a bar they passed.

“Would you like to see the inside of this place? It’s huge, come on.”

She became more comfortable as they walked and talked, the alcohol helping to relax her. Then they took two short flights of stairs down and they were in a long dim corridor with several doors to rooms that led off the hall. It appeared to be circular and rooms were on both sides with numbered doors...some had green tags on the doors, some had red.

Sondra gasped and hoped Rico hadn’t noticed. Now she realized what her number was for. They stopped at room 24. Rico unlocked the door to the darker room and waited for her to go in. She tried not to hesitate too long before she took her first step in and stood as close to the wall as she could until her eyes adjusted to the dark room.


She smelled it and visions flew through her mind.

A light switch clicked on that barely added any additional light. Squinting her eyes, she tried to see the furniture there. The room appeared quite large and in the far corner she saw a bed. Her throat nearly closed off; she couldn’t breathe and her nails digging into her palm got her attention.

Rico had already removed his jacket and rolled up his sleeves. He leaned back against a large table and watched her.

“I think you’d look better without the dress. As a matter of fact, I know you look better without the dress. I’ve seen you naked and like you that way. There’s a chair there and a hook on the wall. Take it off and hang it up.”

This is what Nick had tried to train her for. Rico’s eyes sparkled in the dim light as he watched her. Could he hear her heart beat? No, but he probably could hear the buzz in her ass! Again, her muscles tightened there, now more on their own, than hers. Her body could easily betray her tonight; she had more to drink than she should have.

“I’m waiting...”

Nervously she reached up to unhook her dress, then slowly let it fall as she tugged it further down. Cool air hit her breasts, then her waist, then her legs.

Rico took a sharp intake of air and groaned as he watched.

She slipped off her heels, stepped out of the dress and hung it on the hook as instructed, then stood up to wait, her hands behind her and her eyes looking toward the floor. Now she stood there totally nude, nervous as hell while he admired her!

“Damn!” Rico whispered in the dark.

The heat in her cheeks burned in the dark as she waited for what seems several minutes.

“Turn around for me, face the wall...and bend forward.”

The dim light hid her heated cheeks as she obeyed his commands. Bending at the waist, still with her hands behind her, she waited for further instructions.

“Pull the cord tighter between your legs. I want to hear what that does to you.”

As she did that, the speed on her vibrator went up a notch and a moan slipped from her throat.

“Spread your legs...that’s it. Reach around in front and touch yourself, get your fingers wet and bring them over here to me. Do it slow so I can watch.”

Sondra couldn’t believe she had to do this, but she had no choice. Not following orders would look bad for Nick and get her spanked, she was sure. Spreading her feet apart, her fingers separated her lips and moved the wet cord. She inserted two fingers deep inside, slipping further into her hot, silky center.

A moan escaped her throat that surprised even her as she swirled her fingers to get them good and wet for Rico.

“That’s it. Now bring them over here. I want to taste you.”

Stepping through the dark room, she stood before her new Master. He took her hand and sniffed, then again.

She whimpered.

“You don’t like that, do you? I would think Nick would have gotten you used to that. We love the smell of a woman...” Suddenly his tongue pressed against her fingers and he sucked at them, licking all around each finger as he tasted her honey. More of her juices seeped onto the cord as he sucked her fingers.

“Put your other hand behind your back and leave it there.”

She obeyed. The butterflies in her stomach swirled the same as his tongue did. As he kept her fingers in his mouth, licking and sucking, his hand came up to cup a breast and he groaned when he touched her nipple rings. He carefully felt the other side.

“Spread your legs and bend your knees.”

Again, without question, she obeyed. His hand quickly moved the wet cord out of the way and huge fingers slipped up inside her, pressing against the plug and her knees weakened with arousal. The fingers slowly plunged in and out, getting them wet so they slid easily inside her.

He’d make her cum if she didn’t think about something else.

Pulling out his fingers, Rico spread her juices over her nipples, reached down to dip his fingers again, then wet her other nipple and she mistakenly let another moan escape. He tugged on a ring and she yelped.

Rico let go of her hand. “Put that behind you with your other hand.” He slipped a finger beneath her collar and pulled her face close. “I’m sure you kneel nicely for your me how you do that. Now...and spread your knees apart.”

Keeping her eyes down, she knelt before her new Master, knowing his hardened arousal was mere inches away from her face. Both of his hands caressed her breasts, gently squeezing them, toying with the rings until she whimpered in pain several times. They were nearly numb at this point but she could feel what he did and it excited her that another man had his hands on her naked body. Is this why others participated in bondage? For the excitement?

Kneeling and eye level to his crotch, her heart pounded in her throat.

Leaning back against the table, Rico very slowly undid his belt as she watched. He unzipped his pants and reached in to stroke himself, not letting her see but knowing what he did.

“You want some of this, don’t you? I know how you keep your Master happy and probably whenever he wants it, at home or at the office, am I right?”

She contemplated her answer too long and he pinched a ring tighter around her nipple. Whimpering got her nowhere.

Rico removed his shirt, then his slacks and his arousal now hung in front of her face. She could almost feel his heat. His washboard abs tormented her, begged for her mouth to be against his flesh.

“I want to see your tongue. Stick it out and lean forward. You can touch just the more. Mmm...that’s good...”

His arousal slid over her tongue, further back, then out to the tip. Suddenly he pulled it away and helped her up. She heard him step behind her and then his hands were on her breasts again. “These fit perfectly in my hands.” His lips and tongue swirled a path to her neck and she tipped her head; his cock bobbed against her ass. “I will make you beg, slut.”

Words could make her feel so sexy while at the same time putting her in her place.

He stepped away.

She waited. Her heart slammed against her chest.

Something covered her eyes and tied behind her head. Handcuffs circled one wrist then was brought in front of her to connect the other wrist.

“Come with me, pet. I want to enjoy your body.”

Rico took her by the cuffs and led her toward the bed she’d seen in the corner.  “Crawl up there...I want to know that cord rubs your clit with every move you make.”

With both hands cuffed in front of her, it was hard to move fast but she crawled to the far side and laid down on her back. Rico’s weight moved closer to her and placed her hands over her head as his lips began at her neck and moved over her shoulder. Heat seared her skin as his tongue swirled, teased, taunted over a nipple, moving the ring as he gently sucked her own juices off her skin.

Excitement started in her breasts and moved along her nerves, ignited a fire all the way to her clit and then jumped to the plug that buzzed in her ass. Tightening her inner muscles would make her explode if she wasn’t careful. Her swollen lips throbbed around the wet cord. Rico’s lips and fingers teased and excited her flesh, tormenting her mind as her body slowly betrayed her, begging for more.

Rico moved lower with his kisses, following the cord where he spread her thighs. He took in a deep breath, then another and groaned as he spread her lips and licked her clit.

He stopped after a few flicks of his tongue when she moaned. “What should I do to you? Tell me how you want my tongue all over your pussy. Say it!”

She whimpered but couldn’t get the words out.

Rico bit the inside of her thigh but she still didn’t speak.

His weight lifted off the bed. Hands grabbed her ankles and pulled her to the edge of the bed to help her stand. Before she realized what happened, she lay across his lap with her legs held tight between his while his hand held her shoulders down. Pain seared across her cheeks. Then again.

Now his hand caressed the burn...slow caresses...then another slap.

Sondra bit her lip, knowing she deserved this.

A yank on the cord slid it over her clit and jammed the plug further up her ass. Still no outcry from her.

“Are you ready to tell me what I want to hear?”

“Yes, Master.” Again her cheeks burned with humiliation. “I want your tongue licking my clit, please....suck my pussy, taste my juices. I need you; my body throbs for your touch.”

“I told you I’d have you begging.”

Another searing slap on her ass. “That was for making me spank you.”

Off came the cuffs and he turned her back toward the table.

He led her over and removed the blindfold. Blinking in the dark, she tried to make out more of the table and what was on it when hands groped her breasts from behind again.

“Put your hands behind you, pet. I have something for you,” he whispered at her ear.

 Again she obeyed and his hardness fell into her hands.

“That’s it, pet, stroke that sack with your nails...oh yeah.”

Rico massaged her breasts and kissed her neck while his arousal hardened in her tight fingers. The vibrator in her ass teased each time she squeezed it and her body leaked over the cord. She loved being told what to do and the collar around her neck reminded her of her obedience.

Warm lips moved over her shoulder. “Take a close look at that table. See where the stirrups come out of the end? Almost like home, isn’t it? Except I’m not letting you sit up and watch.”

His hand moved lower, passed her waist, pressing her thighs apart and pretty soon two fingers filled her again. She would have collapsed had he not been holding on to her. Deeper he pushed, teasing, touching, swirling against the plug.

Her throat constricted as she tried to catch her breath while her fingers held tight to his hard arousal.

“Don’t you dare cum, slut. Then again, I could spank you more; maybe that’s what you like. That would give me reason. Does your Master spank you?”

The swirling of his fingers made her dizzy; she was so close to cumming. Her lungs couldn’t get enough air. Pleasure teased and taunted her and he kept it up, flicking over her clit. Before she knew it, stars exploded before her closed eyes and her knees trembled. She cried out. Fingers pumped into her as her juices dripped down her leg. She lost control and squeezed his cock in her hands as warm liquid flowed over her fingers; he moved within her hand, pumping, groaning, swirling his fingers inside her at the same time.

He panted on her shoulder but held them up, catching his breath as she did hers. He tugged hard on the cord at her waist. A hand gripped her throat and pulled her back against his chest.

Rico breathed close to her ear. “I don’t think you had permission to cum or to grip my cock in your hand like that.”

He grabbed her arm with wet fingers and pulled her over to a chair where she landed across his naked lap. “Put your hands behind your back.”

Obeying again, she struggled to get both wrists behind her and he held them in one hand. Sondra tried not to panic but the near darkness didn’t help. His fingers caressed the cord between her cheeks as he spread her legs apart, toying with the plug, pressing on it, letting up, then he began plunging it slowly. She couldn’t help it, moans of pleasure escaped her throat as he reignited her orgasm and juices seeped from her lips. His fingers slowly toyed at her opening, but slid forward between her lips to hit her throbbing clit. Quickly he teased her and her hips moved with him.

A sharp slap on her ass popped her eyes open and pulled her from any arousal she had.

Again pain seared over her flesh.

Nick had never spanked her so this was new to her.

He touched the plug, moved it, twisted it, then slowly....out it came, in...and suddenly all the way out to fall between her legs.

“You thought to try and cum again, didn’t you, slut. Your Master was right. You don’t behave. Is that so we can punish you? Huh? That’s okay. I enjoy punishment, too. Feel that poking your stomach?”

She waited, feeling his arousal grow against her. Waiting, wondering as his hands held tight to her wrist and she squirmed on his lap.

Fire seared her flesh again...again....again.

Fingers separated her flesh, toyed with her center, spreading her juices over her cheeks and ass. “You’re wet again. I’m guessing you like being spanked. I’ll have to pass on that little bit of information!”

Her plugged touched her until it slowly went all the way.

“Bear down on that and open for me. I know you like this.”

It felt so good, so deep, she needed that and it shocked her. How had she gotten to this point that she enjoyed anal play? The cord adjusted between her cheeks and Rico helped her stand.

Too quickly, his lips were on hers, kissing her deep, holding her arms behind her as his hand roughly took her breast.

All too soon he stopped.

“Get up on the table.”

Still dizzy from his brutal kiss, she stepped up onto the table. He pulled out the stirrups, metal clanging against metal and she remembered the last time Nick had her on a table like this. Her heart raced as he stood in front of her, staring into her eyes. The collar tightened as his finger slipped beneath it.

“I will use the D-rings on this. I don’t think your current Master does that, but I see something in you that begs for me to force things on you that you’ve not tried yet. I know how new you are to this lifestyle and I will show you that obedience matters. Lay back.”

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For March 26th:

Excerpt from Under Her Command:

    Getting down on one knee before Sondra, he bowed his head.
A sharp nail beneath his chin forced his face up to look at her.
“Mistress Krystal, this slave needs a collar and four cuffs before we get started, please.” Sondra wet her lower lip with her tongue. “I’ll try not to be too hard on you, but I’m curious how much pain you can handle while receiving pleasure at the same time."
“I’m yours to manipulate, my lady."
A large studded collar buckled around his neck and then Krystal held out a studded wrist cuff and Nick placed his wrist into it. She fastened it and moved to his other side to connect that cuff.
“You’ll remove your vest and stand beneath the chain.” Sondra turned to Master Omar. “Would you hook him up please?"
Nick stood bare chested in front of Sondra and raised his arms, unable to take his eyes from the red nipples protruding from the jeweled clips she wore. He wanted to remove the clips and suck each tender nipple into his mouth.
“Raise your arms, slave."
He raised them and Omar yanked them higher to snap the D-rings into place on his wrist cuffs. At her mercy, his heart raced, unsure of what she’d do in front of so many people.
Then he gasped and she laughed. Her nails dug into one of his nipples and held tight.
Nick clenched his jaws.
Sondra lightly touched the muscle in his bicep with her wand and another zap echoed.
Nick flinched, but kept eye contact with Sondra. Pain exploded when she released her grip on his nipple. She handed the wand to Krystal and then began removing one of her own nipple clamps. Then Sondra pinched and rolled one of his, as he’d done to her earlier, but she didn’t let go.
Nick winced. Sondra placed her clamp onto his nipple, tightened the screw and then stepped back to look at her handy work, the chain still connected to her other nipple clamp. “We need to balance that out.” Removing the other clamp, she gripped his nipple, twisted and pinched, not losing eye contact, but watching his reaction as she tested him.
“I love you, my lady."
“I appreciate that, but I didn’t give you permission to speak.” Sondra fastened the nipple clamp and let go. Pain shot through his nipple but he refused to show any pain. Turning to Krystal, Sondra reached for her wand. “Mistress, is there a flogger handy?"
A spotlight flipped on, preventing Nick from seeing the smaller crowd but he knew they had a great view of the torture about to take place. He could handle this, no matter what Sondra had in mind. After what she’d been through the last few days, he would do whatever she asked....or rather, ordered.
Sondra pointed her wand. “Alexis, I’d like you to help with his ankle cuffs."
Nick’s cock twitched when the blonde knelt at his feet, imaging her mouth on him. Alexis buckled each ankle cuff and connected them to the eye bolt in the floor, pulling his booted feet shoulder width apart.
 “Please inspect his legs for any concealed weapons.” Sondra stared at him and he held his head high, loving the control she showed. Sondra began to walk around him, her heels echoing in the small room of stone.
Delicate hands gripped one leg, feeling up higher, touching all the way around, massaging his thigh to be sure nothing lay hidden. When her fingers reached his groin, she paused, feeling next to his scrotum during her search and then she moved to the other leg. Nick breathed slowly, trying not to react to her hands on his body but her fingers moved up his thigh again and rubbed against his scrotum on that side.
“Lady Sondra, there may be something next to the bulge here."
Sondra stepped before him while Alexis remained on her knees. Nick hadn’t been this excited in a long time. His cock ached with need of so many beautiful women.
He gasped when Sondra cupped his crotch and squeezed. She leaned forward and kissed him, sucking his tongue into her mouth, rubbing her breasts against him and he pressed his hips into her hand. Pulling from the kiss, her fingers unbuttoned his pants and then slid down the zipper. “Alexis, pull those down past his hips so further inspection can be done.:
Placing her fingers into the waistband of his pants, Alexis tugged them down and his cock fell forward, at last free to stretch to its full length. Sondra trailed the leather strips of the flogger across his protruding member. The cool strips calmed the throb and ache.
Sondra jiggled the jewels on the nipple clamps and then tugged on the chain as she lifted it to connect it to his collar. Never had he thought the chain would be used on him as he’d thought to use it on her.
Nick had to smile.
“I’m glad you’re enjoying this.” Sondra stepped back. “Thank you, Alexis. I hope your master rewards you. Oh, before you return to him, please blindfold Nick for me.:
Nick closed his eyes as the silk covered them, darkening his world. His sense of touch heightened and he listened closer. He loved using this on Sondra, but he’d not been blindfolded in quite a while. He hadn’t dreamed the tables would be turned on him tonight. Not able to anticipate what was coming, Nick tried to control his breathing.
“Mistress Krystal, would you do the honors of further inspection. I’d hate to think Nick were hiding something from us. When you’ve completed that, we need to secure him with the Gates of Hell...for starters.”
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