Monday, January 30, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day, plus a Contest!

Happy Valentine's Day,

     I hope you've got some sexy plans made for the evening. Leave a comment and tell us about them! We'll be going out for a late supper and some cuddles. Now, I know all of you love reading my books, be it about submissives, masters, or cowboys, and I thank you all for reading. Yet, I know there are many readers out there who still haven't heard of me or my books. I've got a gift below for TWO lucky readers and in return for the contest, I would love for you to help share my links so that your friends not only hear about my books, they can come enter the contest, too. You can share my post on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and more. Here's another FREE item for you...desktop wallpaper! Just right click and save to your computer. Wallpaper is easy to change out if you keep me in your picture area and then just click my wallpaper whenever you need a change!

Up For Grabs:

A signed, print copy of
Come Tame Me
For TWO winners!

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Thank you and have
a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Meet Erotic Author, DeVille Maykare!

 DeVille Maykare
Author of
The Head of the Firm

     I love that I have the opportunity to introduce new authors to my readers, and today is no exception! DeVille took the time to chat with me and the stories just might heat up your imagination! Help me welcome DeVille and feel free to leave questions or comments! There is also a contest below for a chance for a few readers to win a copy of the book! Let's FB and Tweet this out there.