Tuesday, May 10, 2016

News about 'Through His Lens' LGBTQ series!

'Through His Lens'

     For those who love these story lines, I have bad, yet good news to share. Book one, Dreams Do Come True, was published via BookTrope. A few weeks ago, they notified all the authors that the company was closing...but all rights would be reverted back to authors so we can republish the titles if we wish to self-pub or seek other publishers. I will be self-publishing the title and put it back in my stable of books!! As of June 1, this will become possible and I'll let my readers know via my newsletter when and where they can purchase the new copies.
     Currently book one is e-book only. I've not decided yet whether it should go into paperback. It would be small, but I've not given up on doing that. Leave a comment below, yea or nay, whether the paperback should be available.
     Book Two, New Horizons, should be out this summer, no release date yet. I'm working on several books at the moment that are among my other two series. If you're interested in more news about my books or other author info, do sign up for my newsletter and be the first to hear. You'll also get contest info that isn't released for the public, only for my newsletter subscribers. If you're a subscriber, thank you so much. If not, I'd love to see you added to the list. Thank you all for stilling reading my books and welcome to all of my NEW readers. Each book is like stepping out to party with your friends who love kink!


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