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 (f/f erotic romances)

Release date...Late 2014

At home, Sandi turned off all the lamps and only the glow from a night light lit the room as the comedy started. The reclining love seat made it a perfect spot to watch the shows. She’d let Kiera get relaxed with a few more drinks and then hopefully she’d be open for watching the bondage flick with her. Arching her back and clenching her inner muscles, Sandi craved to touch Kiera and hoped tonight that might happen.
The summer heat stifled their upstairs apartment and had made it necessary to open the windows and dress cooler. Kiera’s long, muscled legs stretched out in the recliner and Sandi was glad Kiera had changed into shorts and tank top...and left her bra on the bed. Her nipples protruded nicely through the thin material and Sandi felt herself leak onto her thong just thinking about nipple clamps for Kiera. If she planned it right and moved slow once the other movie started, she might get her wish.
Enjoying the popcorn, Sandi took in a relaxing breath and enjoyed the movie. The three drinks she’d made for Kiera seemed to relax her, too.
Kiera laughed during the comedy and didn’t mention Greg. “That was hilarious. Thanks for suggesting we come home and do this. Who needs men anyway?”
Sandi took in another deep breath, wishing she could tell Kiera the real reason she suggested they come home, but it wasn’t the right time. “Especially when they’re assholes.”
“You put in that porno flick and I’ll go make us another drink. These are going down way too easy so...I’m not responsible for my actions after the next drink.”
Biting her lower lip, Sandi handed her glass to Kiera and watched her hips sway as she sauntered into dark the kitchen. She couldn’t wait to see her model for Daniel. The crotchless thongs would look awesome on her, stretched out on the pillows. Damn! Sandi got up to put in the movie, grabbed the remote to fast forward to the beginning past the ads, and then hurried to her bedroom. Digging through her drawer, she pulled out an elastic blindfold and pink dildo and then hid them in the cushions of her side of the loveseat.
“Kiera, bring a towel back with you. My glass got the end table wet.” Sandi smiled, knowing the towel would come in handy when she got Kiera wet. Her pussy already ached for her.
When Kiera returned, Sandi took her drink and the towel and then winked at Kiera. Did Kiera actually have no idea how she felt about her? They’d lived together for two years now and she’d consoled Kiera every time a guy broke her heart. Each time, Sandi had hoped it would be her turn to take Kiera, but the opportunity never came. She’d be damned if she was going to let the opportunity slip through her fingers tonight. Kiera would know for sure how she felt. Sandi wiped the water from her glass off the end table and pushed the towel between the cushions for later.
“Gawd, I feel better after a few drinks. If I can forget Greg this easy, maybe it’s a sign.”
Kiera stared at her as she sipped the drink and when Kiera reached for her hand, Sandi took it, gently squeezed it and wished on her dream.
“You’ve been such a good friend to me. I love you, you know.”
Sandi’s heart skipped a beat but knew that wasn’t how she meant it. Kiera had no idea what she’d actually said. Sandi reached up to brush Kiera’s long curly hair from her face, her fingers caressing a soft cheek. “It’s the booze. Tomorrow you’ll come to your senses.”
“Nope.” Kiera held her glass to cling against Sandi’s and she tapped it. “I hope tomorrow I better understand why I don’t need a man right now.”
“I’m glad I can help you come to that realization. Ready for some bondage? You’ve not watched any of these before, have you? It might make you too horny and you’ll want that asshole back up here.” Sandi shrugged a shoulder.
“Hell no! Tonight, I’m open to learning new things. I’m seriously considering your offer to model for Daniel, too. Who knows what might happen.”
Sandi pressed the remote and the snap of a whip sounded as a leather bustier came into view, the camera panning up to show the woman with a ball gag, her hands tied above her head and then down to her ankles spread wide, connected to hooks in the floor.
“Oh my gawd. If that’s not erotic...are they all like this?”
“Depends on what you’re into. They come in all sorts of topics. This is just one kind.”
The whip cracked again and Kiera flinched but her wide eyes were nearly glued to the screen. A man’s hand slid down the woman’s leather bustier, his fingers dipped inside the leather thong and to Sandi’s surprise, she wore a crotchless thong so his fingers were visible as they separated the labia and touched her clit.
“Holy shit.” Kiera took a long drink as she stared at the television. “I can’t believe I’ve never watched a porn flick like this before.”
“They’re just have to keep in mind that some of what they show might be harsher than something you’d like to try. That’s her Dom and she’s agreed to everything he’ll do to her. That’s done before they even begin a scene. Watch, it gets better.”
Another woman enters the picture, stark naked, and is forced to kneel in front of the tied woman. She’s handed a dildo and slips it up inside of the other woman. As she plunges the dildo, she leans forward and the camera captures her tongue slipping between the labia to lick the clit.
Kiera squirmed in her seat as Sandi glanced at her. Hard nipples drew her attention and Sandi reached over to take one between her fingernails and pinch, but not too hard. “Imagine that is you chained up and I’m licking your pussy. Do you think that would feel good? That woman is doing a good job, but then again, she’s ordered to obey whatever the Dom tells her to do.” Sandi changed her grip to roll Kiera’s nipple between her fingers. Kiera pressed her head back into the chair cushion and a moan slipped from her throat as her hand reached between her thighs.
Sandi clenched her inner muscles, wishing it were her hand on Kiera’s pussy. Letting go of the nipple, she settled back in her seat, knowing Kiera was getting horny. “Watch this, Kiera. Don’t miss it, open your eyes.”
The Dom stood behind the chained woman and lowered her bustier, showing her rock hard nipples puckered tight. Her chest heaves as she breathes. He rolls her nipples the same way Sandi did for Kiera, but now he puts on the nipple clamps and the woman screams behind the ball gag. “Concentrate on the pleasure, pet, not the pain. Breathe…that’s it.”

      A few more tweaks to the manuscript and this will be ready for you. I want to get book two close to a finish point so you don't have a long wait. Each book will be a separate short story as seen 'Through His Lens' by the photographer. He loves his models, but loves taking photos more.

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