Friday, November 26, 2010

Mind secrets...

Hhhhmmmm.....we all like to think no one truly knows our inner thoughts that we keep buried deep so others will never know what we think, but...truth be told, we aren't all that different from each other. Even those who walk the straight and narrow have the same thoughts as the rest of us at least once or twice in their life, if not just as often as we do.

Those of us who are people watchers imagine others taking part in our dirty little secrets, unbeknownst to them that they play a part and we use them for a time, in our mind. We can bend them, twist them, mmmm....torment them, make them want more of what we have to offer with our secret little games. Tie them down and make them beg because we KNOW they want it, they're just afraid to speak their mind and take what they want because it's not 'proper' - those secrets we all keep hidden. Yes, I know YOUR secrets, they're just like mine. I can't let others know because then I'd be called a freak for wanting to taste 'that other lifestyle'. 

Maybe I already do and those around me would never guess that. Ha! Let's hope not! My 'girl next door' cover would be blown to bits! I kind of like that others would never guess what I truly like...and most of us keep that a secret except from a discreet few. That small society we cling to when we need to act on those secrets...and those actions bring us to life and let us see a side of ourselves that we can't hide any longer. We HAVE to make those secrets happen and those who allow that to happen for us know what we need and how to bring it about.

Those who understand what I write of need no explanation, they just know already. We keep our little toy box hidden from most but there is no comparison for the release that is brought to the surface. *closing my eyes, taking a deep breath* See? You totally understand and I've not even explained what it is....*wink*

This brings me to why I find writing for you just such a release. If I'm not able to act out all I think about, I can at least experience it through my characters, which helps you, too. Your fantasies can come alive between the pages of my books and no one is the wiser. Aren't you glad I can do that for you? I hope you continue to visit with us here. Feel free to share a thought or two whenever the fancy strikes. We'd love to read a bit from you also. Later I will be having interviews here with other authors so be sure to check back for those dates.

Our group understands you....granted, some secrets get a little deeper than some care to experience but all the same, we still understand. Do you hide your deepest, darkest secrets? Care to share one or two?