Monday, April 18, 2011

Sondra's new adventures.....


As you can see, I've decided on the cover to book three. This is the final cover and wanted to let you peek at it and get your opinion. Feel free to leave your comments because I want to know what you think.

Book three is spinning around in my head because I've not had time to sit and write due to the day job but later this week that will pretty much end, at least the stressful part of the job, so I can get this all into the manuscript for you! Can Sondra handle being in the hands of another Master even for a short time? Will he reach her inner submissive needs and bring her closer to being who she craves to be? Nick thinks it will be a good move for His pet although this certainly is not relinquishing His ownership by any means! Stop back often to see what's in store for my little office vixen! *wink*

I've uploaded a revised version of book two at Smashwords and added to it! The revised version should be available late on the 25th. It's only $1.99 - Enjoy!

I love that you keep stopping in to see what's going on, whether it's interest in the site, my books, my author interviews I post for you or some juicy gossip, I'm just glad you stop in!