Sunday, March 11, 2012

Stop by this week's interview!

Join me at this
week's interview!

I will be guest blogging and chatting over at Rae McCartney's blog so I'm hoping all of you will click to join us there! I'll be chatting about book four in the series, Their Submissive Switch. This book takes our favorite couple back to Palm Springs where they find out what's really up in those hills that surround the sizzling Palm Springs valley. The hills turn out to be just as hot; come see for yourself!

Ever wonder what the Masters can come up with that could take place outside? Vendor booths? Well I wouldn't exactly call them vendor booths but....nope, can't continue on this point, sorry! *wicked laugh* You'll have to read to find out about those! I do guarantee that you won't be disappointed!

Could you do me a tiny favor? If you've read any of my books, could you leave a review up at Amazon or B & N or even Smashwords? Pretty please? I can beg nicely! (psst...not sure who left the reviews at B & N but I could use some help to counteract those! *giving you sad eyes*)

Don't forget to hop over to this week's interview! You may even learn a few new things about me, although I don't think there's much more to learn, is there? What else would you like to know?

I'm also a part of Naughty Reader's Boudoir and we have a wonderful sexy guest over there! Grab your bikini, or NOT, and join us in the bubble bath!