Saturday, June 16, 2012

As promised, Master's Email is OUT!

Now Available!!

     I'm so excited that I can finally share this little story with all of you! Be warned - this is not your normal erotic read - there is strong sexual content and BDSM with a Dom/sub relationship so...if you do NOT enjoy reading that, this is not a story you want to read. This story will tug at more than your dirty little secret fantasies!! I know you have them hidden way back in the dark corners of your mind, hoping I won't guess what you secretly crave to read. I hope I've hit a few fantasies dead center for you!

     I've uploaded to Amazon also and that will be available Sunday, the 17th as promised. It will take at least two more weeks to be available at all other online stores. Now.....if you're already subscribed to my may want to hold off on the purchase for right now! Just sayin'......*wink*

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